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Kent Road Running for 2018


Last amended at 07/09/18



For any further details you may require please contact:
Dave Behagg 07966 647726, roadrunning@kcaa.org.uk
43 Raeburn Avenue, Dartford, Kent, DA1 3BQ


The 2018 schedule is as follows (the Canterbury 10 and Dartford Half have been previously notified):

Canterbury 10

Tunbridge Well Half

Sun 11th March Dartford Half (Kent Long Course Champs)

Fri 30th March Folkestone 10

Sun 10th June Orpington High Elms 10k (distance approx. multi-terrain)

Sun 24th June North Downs Run (30k approx. multi-terrain)

Sun 22nd July Deal Dinosaur 10k

Sun 2nd Sep Kent Coastal Marathon (Kent Marathon Champs Veterans & Teams)

Sun 16th Sep Larkfield 10k (Kent Short Course Champs)

Sun 7th Oct Tonbridge Half

NB: The schedule is designed to have a break around the London marathon, and to conclude before the Kent Cross Country League starts mid-October.


1)    Up to date GP tables following Kent Coastal marathon, now attached, all corrections / feedback welcome.  See also Tabs with marathon vets and teams champs results.

 2)    Kent Short Course Champs at Larkfield 10k, 16th September

- Individual competitions: M,M40,M50,M60,M70,F,F35,F45,F55,F65.  You must actively enter the Kent Champs event (tick the box, or with me on the day at the Kent Champs desk) and wear the identifier on your back (also from me on the day although I am talking to the organisers and will try to get them in with the race numbers for pre-race champs entries if I can)

- Team competitions: All KCAA affiliated club members are entered automatically: M,M40,M50,F,F34,F45.  Club colours to be worn.

- THIS EVENT IS ALSO AN INTERCOUNTIES QUALIFIER!!....Kent are taking male and female senior teams to the Brighton 10k, 18th November, 4 athletes per team.  Top 2 at Larkfield 10k have automatic selection, thereafter down the order but with wildcard applicant results from other races also considered.

 3)    Rule Change GP We will no longer decide a points tie in the individual GP based on fewest races competed in which has never seemed fair to me.  We will henceforth declare joint winners.  The team competition, if tied for points, will still be decided on count back.





  • Open to all Kent qualified runners. See Rule 9 (qualification) on this link: http://www.kcaa.org.uk/ExtractfromRulesforCompetition.pdf

  • Awards to first 3 in the following categories: M, M40, M50, M60, M(under)23, F, F(under)23, F35, F45, F55 , Male Team (3 to score), Female Team (3 to score). 

  • Enter in Advance (if available) by entering the race and selecting the option to enter the County Champs, provided by the race organiser,

  • NEW for 2015 - Enter on the Day at the Kent Champs desk.

  • Identifier must be worn on back of vest during race.

  • Age qualification is age on day of race.

  • Veterans also take part in the Senior / Open Age competition and as such may win two awards, there are no pass downs.

  • Minimum age for Senior competitions is 17.

  • Any runner found not to have entered as a member of their first claim club or found not to have correctly worn the vest of their first claim club will be disqualified.

  • Senior Category scoring marathons must be run between 1st January and the first Sunday of November inclusive, and times notified to roadrunning@kcaa.org.uk  by the second Sunday of November - Whilst the organisers will seek out results where we can in popular marathons, notification of senior category marathon times is the sole responsibility of the competitor.


  • Awards to first 3 Male and Female Teams 3 to score in each.

  • Teams must be KCAA affiliated clubs.

  • All runners entering the race as a member of a KCAA affiliated club are automatically entered into the Kent Champs team competition and there is no requirement to wear an identifier to score in the team competition.

  • The positional count is based on all runners of the relevant gender in the race, regardless of affiliation.

  • Any runner found not to have entered  as a member of their first claim club or found not to have correctly worn the vest of their first claim club will be disqualified.

KENT GRAND PRIX Updated 20.12.14

  • Clubs affiliated to KCAA will be entered into the Grand Prix team competitions automatically, as will the runners from these clubs in the individual competitions. Unaffiliated individual competitors need to contact dave.behagg@gll.org  to enter, and must be Kent Qualified (see link above, Rule 9)

  • Individual competitions, best 6 scores from 10 races. Team competitions, best 8 scores from 10 races

  • Mens team competition, top 6 from each club score down to 100th place; Womens team competition, top 4 from each club score down to 50th place

  • Individual Competition: Sen Men score down to 100th place; Sen Women to 50th; M40 to 20th; M50 to 10th; M60 to 10th; F35 to 10th; F45 to 10th; F55 to 5th.

  • Runners who are not in the competition do not count in the places

  • Age qualification for Kent Grand Prix categories is as follows: Individuals crossing an age threshold during the year will automatically enter the veteran competition for their age on the date of the first race they run. (or in the case of people becoming a M40 or F35, the first race they run as a veteran). Any competitor becoming M50, M60, F45 or F55 during the year and after the first race, who would rather enter the competition for their new category must inform the competition organiser at dave.behagg@gll.org  or 01322 410120 before their first scoring race after their birthday, and may only count this race and those afterwards. All competitors may compete in the senior category and only one vets category during the year

  • Minimum age for senior competition is 17

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