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Last amended at 24 September 2015

uk:athletics' The Power of 10 is much more than just rankings and results. It is a year-on-year drive to achieve greater strength in depth of every single event in all age groups and every part of this nation. 23-11-10


16 December 2008

Dear Reader,

This rankings list is the final one for 2008.

With the advent of 'power of 10' and 'Athletics Data' it seems that this exercise has become a little redundant, when considering the time it takes. Therefore it is with regret that I shall cease to correlate the County rankings and hope that people can get their records from websites that are generally more up to date than I can manage.

Hope this will not inconvenience too many people.

Larry Garnham

Road Rankings for 2004 are here... 9-12-04


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