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Kent Young Athletes League for 2019

Last amended at 20 December 2018


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Notes to KYAL 2019 Track Timetable

1. Division 2 may have up to 10 Teams in it, but with an expectation that less athletes than that will register. Therefore, for division 2 there will be no lane draw; athletes shown on the "expected" list will be put in lanes as convenient. (Except relays - see note 8) NB: This means that Photo finish should not be used at the meetings. (See also note 4)
2. On 8 Lane tracks; with a 10 lane straight Officials should consider using all 10 lanes to aim to remove "time trial" scoring.
3. Each team may enter up to 1 non-scoring athlete per event and one non-scoring relay team. For 2019 the First Meeting non-scoring for track will not be allowed.
4. When it is thought we may be short of Timekeepers; a Photo finish system may be used to provide electronic timing; used with in conjunction with the Timekeepers to provide times on the result taken by the Track Judges.
5. Starters Assistants will maximize competition by combining races when numbers permit
6. Where safe to do so non-scoring 1200m & 1500m athletes will be run with the A/B string races
7. Where 800m are being run on a 6-lane track; times require a curved line start to be used & races combined if safe to do so
8. On a 6 lane track a block of time is allocated for each age group for the 800m; athletes should warm up ready to race from that time
9. One hour before the 4 x 100m relays are run; seeding sheets will be produced & distributed; once that has taken place no further teams will be allowed to compete.

Reminder of UKA competition rules for these age groups:

1. U13 & U15 athletes are limited to 4 events in which case 1 of MUST be a relay
2. Athletes in a relay races must all wear the same design of vest; so combined teams must decide which club vest to wear.


KYAL 2019 Field Timetable

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(Updated following 2018 KYAL planning team meeting - December 2018)

(Final Issue - 19th December 2018)

KYAL is part of the competition events provided by Kent County Athletics Association (KCAA) with an aim of providing competition experience for athletes who otherwise may not have the opportunity.

The League is fully part of KCAA and is managed by the KYAL secretary who is a member of the KCAA Track and Field Committee


1.1 All competitions shall be held under UKA Rules for Competition.

1.2 Age Groups

Under 13 - 11 years and under 13 years at midnight on 31st August in year of competition.

Under 15 - 13 years and under 15 years at midnight on 31st August in year of competition.

1.3 Clubs will be required to affiliate to the League by January 31st.

1.4 The use of audio equipment and mobile phones is banned within competition areas

1.5 All equipment specified under UKA rules for each age group will be used.


2.1 All clubs/teams and athletes must affiliate to the Territorial or National Association in whose geographical area of responsibility the Club's headquarters are located.

2.2 Competitors can either be first claim members of their club or second claim (2nd claim) members whose first claim club is not a member of the league. The maximum number of 2nd claim athletes is restricted to 3 male and 3 female per team per match.

2.3 Any team competing in a Division 1 or having gained promotion to a Division 1 shall not be permitted to form or become a composite team.

2.4 Composite teams, may be accepted as members of the League and are entitled to promotion, but having gained promotion cannot add additional new clubs to it composition nor change its composition in any way. Athletes can only compete for a composite team if they are 1st claim to a club within that composite.

2.5 2nd claim athletes are only allowed to compete for one club in any one season. 


3.1 Club Vests MUST be worn by all competitors. Composite club athletes may wear the club colours of their individual first claim club but all relay teams must compete in the same vests


4.1 The League will supply competition bib numbers for all competing teams including non-scoring athletes. UKA Rule 143.9 requires that 2 bib numbers are worn back and front 'as issued' although in jumps only one need be worn.

4.2 Clubs must supply safety pins for their own athletes.


5.1 There will usually be 4 fixtures per season.

5.2 Clubs will be invited to host a fixture which must be held at a facility which is up to date under any British Athletics scheme in force for a local league meeting. An allowance of 50% of the total cost up to a ceiling of 350.00 plus the full cost of First Aid facilities will be made to each host club on receipt of an invoice.

5.3 Host clubs are required to provide hot and cold drinks for officials and a light lunch for 5 officials per club/team/composite should also be provided.

5.4 The host club shall ensure that a suitably qualified chief starter, chief timekeeper; track referee; starters assistant; field referee and clerk of course are all appointed, in addition to a meeting manager and an announcer. Where a club cannot resource these officials themselves, they should liaise as early as possible with the county officials secretary (officials@kcaa.org.uk) to see who may have expressed an interest in officiating.

5.5 For all fixtures the host club must have adequate First Aid cover.

5.6 Host clubs are to make all arrangements for the provision of the appropriate athletic equipment for the match. All equipment must be in a safe condition.

5.7 If a club proposes not to attend a fixture it must notify the League Secretary at least 48 hours prior to the fixture. The League Secretary will then notify the meeting manager.


6.1 Clubs should, where possible, ensure athletes arrive at the venue of the match at least 30 minutes before the 1st event they are due to compete in. When they have field officials on the first events they must arrive in suitable time to supervise athletes warm up. Failure to do so would mean the field official would not be eligible for points (see rule 10.4).

6.2 An athlete failing to wear a club vest may not compete.

6.3 Non scoring athletes from member clubs may compete in all events but will be limited to 1 athlete per club/team/composite.  This will be strictly adhered to and on occasions may be limited depending on the facilities available. The meeting declaration form will confirm where non-scoring will be in operation.  NB track athletes may compete in spare lanes or in separate races as appropriate.

Non scoring club relay teams may be permitted, when using an 8 lane track, but will be limited to 1 team per club/team/composite for each relay event. The meeting declaration form will confirm which non-scoring relays will be in operation.

6.4 Non scoring athletes MUST be declared at least 60 minutes prior to the start of the event.

6.5 Both age groups are limited to 4 events per athlete, and if doing so 1 event MUST be a relay. This includes any non-scoring events that they take part in.

6.6 Where a walking event is included in the total the competitors shall be restricted to a maximum of 3 running or walking events (including any relay) - UKA rule 141 (S2).  This includes any non-scoring events that they take part in.

6.7 No athlete in either age group may compete in both 800m and 1200/1500m at the same meeting.


7.1 Team declarations must be made on the official sheets provided by the League.

7.2 Provisional declarations should be submitted electronically by the Friday evening prior to the meeting. On match day declarations MUST be made 30 minutes before the commencement of the match. Changes should be notified at once and in any case prior to the start of the event.

7.5 In the event of an athlete competing without having been declared, all points gained will be deducted.


8.1 The order of events as shown in the League timetable must be adhered to by the host club although any necessary changes to field events due to the layout of the arena will require all visiting clubs being notified in advance of the meeting.

8.2 In the long jump, pole vault and all throwing events each competitor will be allowed 3 trials. A maximum of 2 trials will be allowed during warm up of all events excepting HJ- please see rule 8.6  

8.3 Any athlete who misses a round in a field event shall forfeit that round.

8.4 Track events shall be run as separate 'A' and 'B' string races with the exception of 1200/1500m and walks. If, due to the number of competitors, and at the discretion of the Track Referee races up to and including 800m may be run as a combined race but the athletes must be informed that it will be scored as separate 'A' and 'B' races.

8.5 If 800m is run as a combined event it will be run from a curved start. If the meeting is run on a 6 lane track the timetable is planned for this to happen.

8.6 The minimum HJ starting heights shall be: -
u13 boys - 1.10m; u15 boys - 1.25m;
u13 girls - 1.05m; u15 girls - 1.15m

In the warm up for HJ there will be 1 trial at the relevant starting height and a further trial at a height to be determined by the event leader.

8.7 Athletes taking part in the walk must be seen to be attempting to 'walk' as recognised under UKA rule 142 (4c). Athletes failing to do this will be asked, by the Track Referee, to leave the race.


9.1 Match points in all divisions of the League will be allotted as follows:-

'A' strings and relays        11 - 9 - 8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3    with the winner receiving 11 points 
'B' strings                          9 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1    with the winner receiving 9 points

This will be adjusted accordingly if there are more than 8 teams in Division 2

9.2 In events held as separate 'A' and 'B' strings the superior performer should be nominated for the 'A' string race.

9.3 League points in all divisions of the League will be allotted as follows:- 

8 - 7 - 6 - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 with the winning club receiving 8 points - to be adjusted accordingly if more than 8 teams compete in Division 2

9.4 In the event of teams being equal on League points at the end of the season, total match points will decide positions. 

9.5 At the end of each season the 2 top teams in division 2 will be promoted to division 1 and the 2 bottom teams in division 1 will be relegated to division 2.


10.1 Host clubs are responsible for the provision of adequate officials to run the meeting, see rule 5.4 above.

10.2 All participating clubs/teams/composite including the host club, shall provide:  One track judge, one timekeeper and 3 field officials. When the club is host, if the chiefs of (track, timekeeping or field) are club members they may be used for points.

10.3 The officials where possible should be qualified. At least ONE field judge MUST be qualified. Please note that when field officials are allocated to an event they must arrive at the event site at least 15 minutes before the event start time (30 minutes for pole vault) to supervise the athletes warm up. Failure to do so would mean the field official would not be eligible for points (see rule 10.4).

10.4 Clubs/team/composite providing the requisite number of officials will be awarded points as follows:

Track judge 5 points, timekeeper 5 points; field judge team 5 points per official (Max 15) TOTAL 25 points

10.5 The Field Referee shall be responsible for ensuring that each field event is led by a suitably qualified official.

10.6 The Track Referee and Field Referee are empowered to cancel an event if there are insufficient officials to ensure safety and fairness or in the case of adverse weather conditions.


10.1 Communication will be carried out between the League Secretary & Team Managers by email and where possible agreement sought to any changes required for the next meeting/year.

10.2 Where thought necessary the League Secretary will call a meeting on Team Managers, usually at the end of the season.

10.3. If 3 or more Team Managers (from different clubs) request a meeting of Team Mangers the League Secretary will arrange to call a meeting.


League Records

              Records in red denotes new record in 2018    
U13 BOYS        
100 metres D. Bonich  Bexley Borough A.C.  1991 12.4
  J. Adams   Invicta East Kent   2008 12.4
200metres D. Bonich   Bexley Borough A.C.  1991 25.4
  R.Tijani Bexley A.C. 2017 25.4
  I. Milham   Medway & Maidstone A.C.  2013 25.33
800 metres A. Madar   Blackheath Harriers  1993 2.15.7
1500metres R. Fuss  Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2015 4.29.7
75m Hurdles O.Robertson Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2017 12.0
1000m Walk A.Macheath  Cambridge Harriers  2016 4.48.4
4 x 100 m Relay     Blackheath Harriers  1994 51.7
High Jump L. Cressey   Thanet A.C.  2014 1.64m
Long Jump R. Gowan-Wade   Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2008 5.37m
Shot 3.25kg   S. Birch  GEC Avionics A.C.  2000 11.66m
Shot 3kg The record for this lower weight will be the best performance
                                    achieved in 2018    
Discus   S. Birch  GEC Avionics A.C.  2000 28.85m
Javelin  M. Blandford   Ashford A.C.  2008 41.77m
Hammer   J. Anderson  Thanet A.C.  2012 31.66m
U13 GIRLS        
75m  E. Kerr Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C. 2017 9.7
150 metres R. Maddy Cambridge Harriers  2016 19.4
800 metres A.Sibley Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C. 2017 2.22.2
1200metres E. Dolby   Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2016 3.49.7
70m Hurdles A. Waghorn  Medway & Maidstone A.C.  2006 11.5
  E. Kerr B'heath & Bromley H.A.C.   2017 11.5
1000m Walk Abigail Smith Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C. 2017 5.03.0
4 x 100m Relay     Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2008 54.4
    Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2017 54.4
High Jump R. O'Brien   Tonbridge A.C.  2015 1.55m
Long Jump A.Robinson-Pascal Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2016 4.95m
Shot Putt  J. Stevens   Tonbridge A.C.  2010 9.69m
Discus   G. Brown   Dartford Harriers  2008 31.16m
Javelin  L.White Tonbridge A.C.  2017 35.24m
Hammer   L.Murray Thanet A.C.  2017 45.10m
U15 BOYS        
100 metres   J.Oshunrinde Medway & Maidstone A.C. 2016 11.3
200metres  A.Sultan-Edwards Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2018 22.3
300metres  K.Samwell-Nash Ashford A.C 2017 36.3
800metres   C. Haines  Medway & Maidstone A.C.   2004 2.03.1
1500metres   A. Juby  GEC Avionics A.C.  1985 4.15.9
80m Hurdles  E. Akanni    Bexley A.C.  2013 11.41
   P. Mortley   Medway A.C.  1990 11.5
2000m Walk   A.Macheath  Cambridge Harriers  2018 9.48.38
4 x 100 m Relay    Medway & Maidstone A.C.   2015 46.84
4 X 300m Relay    Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2017 2.37.0
High Jump  N. Brewer   Blackheath Harriers  1991 1.84m
Long Jump  D. Gilkes  Blackheath Harriers  1992 6.28m
Pole Vault  Pedro Gleadall Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2016 2.90m
Shot   C. Griffith-Parker  Cambridge Harriers  2005 17.91m
Discus    C. Griffith-Parker  Cambridge Harriers  2005 51.09m
Javelin   C. Green   Medway A.C.  1994 60.56m
Hammer    J. Lancaster  Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2015 53.18m
U15 GIRLS        
100m   D. Neita   Cambridge Harriers  2010 12.2m
200 metres  D. Neita   Cambridge Harriers  2010 25.1
300 metres  D. Asher-Smith  Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2010 39.4
800metres  S. Sinha   Cambridge Harriers  2013 2.12.8
1500metres  S. Sinha Cambridge Harriers   2013 4.40.30
75m Hurdles  K.Young Dartford Harriers  2017 11.3
2000m Walk  S. Lewis-Ward  Cambridge Harriers  2013 9.53.8
4 x 100m Relay    Blackheath & Bromley H. A.C.  2011 48.9
4 X 300m Relay    Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2017 2.54.9
High Jump  Jade Oni   Medway & Maidstone A.C.  2015 1.72m
Long Jump  M. Tabe Medway & Maidstone A.C. 2016 5.44m
Pole Vault Lois Warden  Bexley A.C.  2016 3.20m
Shot    E. Locke   Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2015 12.42m
Discus   E. Keith   Blackheath &Bromley H.A.C.  2015 34.71m
Javelin   L.White Tonbridge A.C. 2018 35.83m
Hammer    V. Wiltshire  Blackheath & Bromley H.A.C.  2014 46.78m


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