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Race Results for September 2001

Last amended at 12-06-02

McDonalds Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final @ Birmingham on 1/9/01
1 Cannock & Staff 419, 4 Blackheath 397.5

Southern Womens League @ various on 1/9/01
Div1: 5 Ashford 140 (6th at end of season with 1098 pts); 5 Medway 113 (24 782.5 relegated to Div2)
Div2: 4 Bromley 82 (15 925.5); 5 Cambridge H 85.5 (16 924.5)
Div3: 1 Blackheath 232 (3 1207 promoted to Div2), 3 Dartford 149.5 (24 717); 4 Bexley 125 (17 857.5);
Medway (25 456.5)
Div4: 2 Tonbridge 187.5 (5 845.5; 3 Invicta East Kent 81 (15 163)

British League Qualifying Match @ Watford on 8/9/01
1 Bolton United H 338, 2 Kent AC 330 were the two qualifying clubs

BVAF Heptathlon Championships on 8+9/9/01
W35: 1 C Pates (Bex) 3211 W55: 1 P Oakes (M&M) 4274
W60: 1 N Cross (BrV) 4279 W65: 1 Kay Koppel (Dar) 4516 (British Age Record)

Men: Snr: Medway & Maidstone 43:56, Invicta East Kent 49:08, Paddock Wood 49:47, Bexley 50:22,
Medway & Maidstone B 51:10
M40: Cambridge H 48:07, Tonbridge 48:51, Dulwich 48:55, M&M 52:31, Bexley 53:05, Cam B 53:32
M50: IEK 49:02, Blackheath 50:33
M60: Cam 69:49
Women: Snr: Dul 55:12, Bex 62:55
W35: Kent Ac 65:19
W45: PDW 64:58

National Junior League (Women) Final @ Derby 9/9/01
7 Ashford 170

men: Snr:
4X100: ht1 Blackheath 43.5, Ashford AC 43.7, Medway & Maidstone 43.7, Cambridge H 44.6; ht2 Dartford H AC
45.8, Tonbridge 46.2, Kent AC DQ; fin Blk 43.0, AAC 43.3, Dar 44.7, Cam 45.3, Ton 45.9, M&M 47.0
4X400: Knt 3:23.5, Blk 3:24.0, AAC 3:25.6, Cam 3:25.7, M&M 3:35.2, Ton 3:42.2
Medley: Blk 3:27.3, Knt 3:32.1, M&M 3:34.4, Invicta East Kent 3:50.4, Ton 3:52.1, Paddock Wood 4:03.1
4X100: IEK 50.3
4X400: IEK 3:55.4
4X100: ht1 Blk 45.5, Cam 46.0, Ton 46.5, M&M 46.6; ht2 Bexley 46.6, M&M B 48.1, IEK 49.9, AAC DQ;
fin Blk 44.9, Cam 45.1, Ton 45.7, M&M 45.8, Bex 46.2, M&M B 48.5
4X400: ht1 Bex 3:41.0, M&M 3:43.0, Cam 3:43.8, AAC3:46.0, Ton B 3:51.2; ht2 Blk 3:40.5, Ton 3:41.1,
M&M B 3:43.5, IEK 3:50.2, Bex B 3:52.4; fin Blk 3:31.5, Ton 3:31.5, Bex 3:32.2, M&M B 3:42.0, M&M 3:43.0,
Cam 3:43.1
4X100: ht1 Blk 48.7, M&M C 49.8, Ton 50.4, M&M B 50.5, AAC 51.5, Bromley DQ; ht2 Bex 49.9, M&M=Knt=Cam=IEK=DQ;
fin Blk 47.8, M&M B 48.9, Bex 49.5, Ton 49.9, M&M C DQ
4X400: ht1 M&M 3:56.5, Blk 4:03.8, Bex 4:11.9, Cam 4:14.6, M&M D 4:30.3, PDW 5:07.9; ht2 Knt 3:48.5,
AAC 3:55.0, M&M C 3:56.8, M&M B 4:08.6, Bro 4:15.2, Ton 4:27.5; fin Knt 3:44.7, M&M 3:47.9, AAC 3:50.7,
M&M 3:52.8, Blk 4:03.9
4X100: ht1 Bro 55.4, Cam 57.4, Ton 59.1, M&M B 60.1; ht2 M&M 53.9, Cam B 63.5, Ton B 63.7; fin M&M 53.3,
Cam 56.9, Cam B 65.9, Bro=Ton=DQ
3X800: ht1 Blk 7:44.8, M&M 7:52.2, Ton 8:18.3, Cam 8:32.8, AAC B 8:35.3, IEK 8:35.3; ht2 AAC 7:52.5,
M&M B 8:08.7, M&M C 8:11.1, Bro 8:11.3, Bex 8:52.3; fin AAC 7:22.1, M&M B 7:53.2, Blk 7:54.1, M&M 8:02.7,
M&M C 8:43.0
women: Snr:
4X100: Bro 51.4, Dar 51.5, IEK 52.9
4X200: Bro 1:51.1, Dar 1:51.1, IEK 1:51.8
4X400: IEK 4:35.7
4X100: Bro 50.2, Cam 51.5, M&M 51.5, Blk 51.9, Bro B 55.1, IEK 57.5
4X200: Bro 1:46.2, M&M 1:47.6, Blk 1:51.7, IEK 2:00.4
3X800: M&M 7:09.0, IEK 7:43.5, Cam 7:52.9, Dar 8:01.0, M&M B 8:16.2
4X100 ht1 Blk 50.9, AAC 53.9, M&M 54.6, IEK 56.5, Bro B 58.0; ht2 Dar 51.3, Bro 53.0, Bex 53.2, Cam 55.4,
M&M B 56.7; fin Blk 50.6, Dar 51.5, Bro 51.6, M&M 53.2, Bex 53.5, AAC 54.0
4X200: ht1 Bex 1:52.2, Bro 1:55.2, AAC 1:59.8, Cam 2:01.8; ht2 Dar 1:49.8, Blk 1:50.8, M&M 1:54.2, M&M 1:54.2,
IEK 2:01.6, Bro B DQ; fin Blk 1:48.9, Dar 1:50.3, Bex 1:52.1, Bro 1:53.8, M&M 1:54.2, AAC 2:00.1
3X800: ht1 AAC 7:59.7, Dar 8:02.5, Bex 8:05.3, M&M 8:06.8, Bro B DQ, IEK dnf; Bro 8:15.4, Blk 8:18.4,
AAC B 8:20.4, Ton 8:30.8, M&M 8:43.5; fin AAC 7:32.9, Bro 7:40.1, Dar 7:58.5, M&M 8:18.6, Blk 8:23.2,
Bex 8:33.7
4X100: ht1 Bro 55.9, M&M 56.8, Dar 57.7, Bex 62.4; ht2 Blk 56.0, Ton 57.6, Bro B 58.3, M&M B 58.5;
fin Blk 54.9, Bro 54.9, M&M 56.1, Ton 56.8, Dar 57.6, Bro B 58.5
3X800: Blk 8:13.2, M&M 8:14.2, Dar 8:24.2, Bex 8:36.9, IEK 8:42.5, AAC 8:45.7, Bro 8:53.8, Bro B 8:57.2,
PDW 10:34.8

Quicksand 15 @ Margate on 9/9/01
men: P Valek (Tha) 97:55, M Wilkins (IEK) 97:57, G Sage (ADR) 98:26, S Cable (I&I) 98:41, J Wilkins (IEK M50)
98:42, M Stacey (Mai M40) 98:48, G Stevens (Sev M40) 99:01, N Cook (Tha) 99:54, P Tee (ADR M40) 110:41
team: Invicta East Kent 17, Thanet 20, Tunbridge Wells 48
women: H Fitzmaurice-Cotton (Sev) 119:54, R Branson (TWH) 122:14, 4 I Turner (TWH) 131:09
team: Thanet

Sorry at the delay but it has taken me a long time to arrange them suitably for the web.
SENIOR MEN DECATHLON      100m    LJ     Shot    HJ     400m   110mH  Discus  PV     JT      1500m    TOTAL  
Darren Hatton      AAC    11.5s   6.52m  13.20m  1.92m  51.0s  15.7s  34.54m  4.30m  54.64m  4:55.2s  6820  CBP
Martin LLoyd       Bex    11.6s   6.25m  9.90m   2.04m  53.3s  15.9s  35.76m  3.40m  43.43m  5:14.8s  6030
Simon Wilson       M&M    12.1s   6.26m  9.69m   1.71m  52.0s  16.1s  25.79m  2.90m  37.74m  4:50.6s  5402
Paul Slythe        NEB    10.9s   5.92m  9.46m   1.65m  49.0s  18.8s  19.62m  2.60m  31.25m  4:48.1s  5116
Joe Appiah         Knt    11.3s   6.20m  8.21m   1.77m  54.5s  15.7s  22.24m  2.20m  33.54m  5:17.1s  5015
Alex Beech         M&M    11.5s   5.52m  7.53m   1.65m  52.6s  15.9s  21.49m  1.70m  28.65m  5:02.9s  4650
Peter LeRossignol  AAC    12.0s   5.35m  7.16m   1.41m  54.5s  20.5s  20.73m  3.20m  27.88m  5:15.3s  4038
Ed Cornwell        Knt    12.0s   6.12m  8.57m
U20 MEN DECATHLON         100m    LJ     Shot    HJ     400m   110mH  Discus  PV     JT      1500m    TOTAL
Stephen Stapley    Dar    11.6s   6.31m  11.06m  1.74m  53.8s  16.2s  28.66m  2.40m  43.06m  5:07.5s  5452
U17 MEN OCTATHLON         LJ      Discus   HJ      400m   100mH  Shot   Javelin 1500   Total
Victor Barzey      Bex    5.69m    23.34m  1.44m   52.7s  15.5s  10.18m 23.60m  5:00.5 3767
Tom Crowe          M&M    5.60m    24.69m  1.56m   54.1s  15.6s  8.64m  24.77m  4:52.5 3766
Jonathan Brunt     Bex    5.19m    13.51m  1.35m   56.9s  17.9s  10.54m 47.30m  5:07.3 3355
Stuart Moody       Bex    5.33m    21.68m  1.47m   62.0s  16.7s  9.01m  38.07m  5:21.4 3244
Philip Parkinson   Dar    5.13m    23.31m  1.59m   60.8s  16.1s  8.85m   NT
Tom Keetch         Dar    5.01m    22.22m  1.68m   62.6s  19.2s  9.48m  24.33m  5:00.3 3079
Tony Brewer        Bex    4.28m    37.11m  1.38m   61.6s  DQ     11.07m 39.52m 
Matthew Hogben     AAC    5.19m    14.34m  1.59m   57.4s  19.2s  6.89m  15.14m  4:48.0 2870
Andrew Welch       AAC    4.93m    16.24m  1.41m   56.3s  19.1s  5.45m  18.60m  4:29.0 2851
Sion Harper        AAC    4.73m    16.17m  1.26m   60.7s  21.1s  7.33m  15.07m  4:42.7 2403
U15 BOYS PENTATHLON       80mH     Shot    LJ      HJ     800m     Total
Sosthen Yao        Knt    11.9s    10.37m  5.82m   1.58m  2:20.5s  2641 
Edward Harrison    M&M    11.3s    9.73m   5.54m   1.49m  2:21.3s  2509
Mandeep Shoker     M&M    12.2s    8.73m   4.74m   1.49m  2:29.3s  2114
Shane Birch        M&M    14.7s    13.90m  4.85m   1.40m  2:40.6s  2022
David Jedrzejewski AAC    14.2s    7.22m   4.69m   1.40m  2:10.9s  2012
Max Hall           Dar    14.1s    9.27m   4.91m   1.61m  2:47.1s  1901
Martin Brockman    M&M    15.5s    7.06m   4.49m   1.43m  2:37.9s  1527
Lee Wythe          Dar    15.7s    7.01m   4.26m   1.52m  2:39.1s  1523
Kyle Roche         Dar    15.2s    7.71m   4.37m   1.49m  3:15.1s  1378
Luke Williams      PDW    18.0s    6.40m   4.23m   1.22m  2:29.9s  1222
Fernand Hyam       AAC    16.7s    8.51m   3.85m   1.37m  dnf      1143
u13 BOYS MINITHON         75m      800m    HJ      LJ     SP    DT      Total
James Philips      AAC             2:21.8s         4.39m  7.64m         71
Christopher Dodds  AAC             2:34.2s         4.40m  7.60m         68
Peter Banfield     M&M    10.5s                    4.21m  7.26m         66
Micheal Illsley    PDW    10.5s            1.18m                18.77m  61
Joseph Green       Cam             2:48.4s 1.57m                11.39m  58
Ben Moore          Dar    11.1s            1.27m                16.55m  54
Rikki Blake        M&M    11.4s                    3.77m        18.77m  51
Carl Hewson        Bro             2:34.7s         3.95m        11.10m  45
Thomas Morgan      Dar    11.0s            NH             7.07m         42
Oliver Bartlett    AAC    11.5s                    3.53m  5.27m         35
SENIOR WOMEN HEPTATHLON   100mH  HJ     SP      200m   LJ     JT      800m       Total
Jackie Jenner      Ton    15.8s  1.45m  10.00m  28.2s  5.35m  30.10m  3:07.4s    3836
Sacha Hatfield     Ton    19.3s  1.30m  6.83m   28.6s  4.52m  19.57m  2:52.2s    2821
Tanya Bowring      Ton    20.2s  1.33m  7.89m   31.9s  4.23m  19.93m  3:36.9s    2190
Natalie Short      Bex    26.1s  1.18m  4.92m   32.4s  3.26m  9.63m   2:55.7s    1469
U17 WOMEN HEPTATHLON      80mH   HJ     SP      200m   LJ     JT      800m       Total
Hayley Goodall     AAC    12.7s  1.51m  7.19m   27.2s  5.37m  18.10m  2:38.2s    3876
Jade Weekes        Dar    13.3s  1.57m  9.02m   27.7s  4.58m  25.68m  2:42.9s    3826
Emma Giles         M&M    13.4s  1.30m  6.08m   26.4s  4.76m  13.72m  2:41.5s    3281
Laura Betts        Ton    12.8s  1.39m  8.28m   29.0s
U15 GIRLS PENTATHLON      LJ     75H    Shot    HJ     800m     Total
Chloe Gayle        Dar    5.19m  12.7s  7.71m   1.36m  2:49.0   2536
Tessa Quizilbash   AAC    4.41m  13.4s  7.23m   1.48m  2:38.6s  2474
Stevie Langford    AAC    4.73m  15.5s  6.45m   1.51m  2:32.2s  2447
Kelly Roomes       M&M    4.58m  13.6s  6.75m   1.42m  2:51.3s  2262
Helen Capp         Bex    4.63m  13.1s  4.81m   1.36m  2:41.3s  2243
Maria Crowe        M&M    4.54m  12.3s  5.93m   1.39m  3:06.2s  2158
Laura Reeves       M&M    3.91m  12.6s  7.09m   1.30m  2:57.6s  2034
Rebecca Saunders   Dar    4.11m  13.7s  8.76m   1.30m  3:03.4s  2027
Hayley Barton      Dar    4.17m  15.3s  6.67m   1.39m  2:48.9s  2014
Kelly Anderson     Bex    4.37m  13.1s  6.49m   1.21m  2:56.0s  1980
Stephanie Dodds    M&M    4.33m  14.1s  6.86m   1.30m  2:59.8s  1959
Vicky Smith        IEK    4.25m  13.1s  6.83m   1.21m  2:59.7s  1914
Kirsty Dobberson   Bex    3.88m  16.5s  6.19m   1.09m  2:53.1s  1504
Claire Dufton      IEK    3.58m  18.3s  5.61m   1.18m  2:59.4s  1317
u13 GIRLS MINITHON        75mH   800m     HJ      LJ     SP       DT     Total
Juliet Fielden     Ton    10.5s           1.44m          7.37m            87
Claire Carr        M&M    10.3s           1.23m          7.72m            83
Tessa Clifford     Dar    11.1s           1.35m                   19.46m  74
Katie Murray       Bro           2:44.9s  1.35m          5.62m            65
Lauren Trundle     M&M    12.0s           1.17m          6.84m            55
Lauren Blackie     Bro    11.1s                   4.25m  4.46m            54)
Sophie Copping     M&M    11.2s           1.26m                   12.12m  54)
Jemma Coulstock    Ton           2:40.1s          3.76m           13.23m  52=
Sarah Foster       Bex           2:50.7s          3.41m  6.25m            52=
Zana Owen          M&M           2:50.2s  1.14m          5.00m            49
Rebecca Shelton    PDW    11.7s                   3.75m           13.68m  45
Kerry Heaphy       Bex           2:49.6s          3.58m  3.85m            42
Laura Reid         M&M    11.9s                   3.55m  4.91m            39)
Rochelle Bray      AAC           2:52.7s          3.26m  4.51m            39)
Catherine Mills    M&M           2:52.2s          3.38m  4.23m            39)
Alexandra Hayman   M&M           2:55.2s          3.24m  4.67m            38
80H W40                                           100H M50
Gwen Cunningham    Bex    15.6s                   Mike Nunn            Dar    22.3s
80H W50                                           100H M60
Pat Oakes          M&M    16.3s                   Jim Day              Blk    21.8s
80H W60                                           110H M40
Kay Koppel         Dar    18.9s                   Cab Ellis            Dar    18.5s
100H W35                                          John Bancroft        Bex    dnf
Christine Pates    Bex    20.5s                   400H M50
                                                  Mike Martineau       Blk    82.6s
HJ M40                                            HJ W35
John Bancroft      Bex    1.73m  CBP              Christine Pates      Bex    1.44m
Iain Presnell      Ton    1.55m                   HJ W40
Gary Capon         Dar    1.50m                   Teresa May           Sev    1.44m
HJ M50                                            Gwen Cunningham      Bex    1.29m
Mick Goodall       AAC    1.45m                   HJ W50
Gerry Olson        AAC    1.40m                   Pat Oakes            M&M    1.20m
Geoffrey Kitchener Sev    1.40m                   HJ W60
HJ M60                                            Kay Koppel           Dar    1.05m
Jim Day            Blk    1.20m
HJ M70
John Robinson      Sev    1.25m
LJ M40                                            LJ W35
Stephen Langford   AAC    5.75m                   Christine Pates      Bex    4.36m
Cab Ellis          Dar    5.47m                   LJ W40
Wayne Howe         SCV    5.34                    Jill Hayman          M&M    4.38m
Gary Capon         Dar    5.01m                   Teresa May           Sev    4.37m
John Bancroft      Bex    4.68m                   Anne Goad            Dar    4.35m
Richard Scoones    Swl    4.53m                   LJ W50
LJ M50                                            Pat Oakes            M&M    3.65m
Les Wood           AAC    4.95m                   LJ W60
Gerry Olson        AAC    4.46m                   Kay Koppel           Dar    2.93m
Derek Briscoe      Cam    4.00m
LJ M60
Jim Day            Blk    3.55m
TJ M40                                            TJ W40
Stephen Langford   AAC    11.00m                  Teresa May           Sev    8.75m
Wayne Howe         SCV    10.76m                  Gillian Skellon      Dar    7.93m
Gary Capon         Dar    10.76m                  TJ W50
John Bancroft      Bex    10.49m                  Pat Oakes            M&M    8.47m
TJ M50                                            TJ W60
Gerry Olson        AAC    9.73m                   Kay Koppel           Dar    6.81m   CBP
Les Wood           AAC    9.45m
Geoffrey Kitchener Sev    8.14m
TJ M60
Jim Day            Blk    7.65m
TJ M70
John Robinson      Sev    8.13m   CBP
PV M40                                            PV W35
Allan Williams     u/a    4.05m   CBP             Maria Newton         M&M    3.00m   CBP
Keith Hatton       AAC    NH                      PV W40
PV M50                                            Anne Goad            Dar    2.60m   CBP
Mick Goodall       AAC    3.20m   CBP               
Gerry Olson        AAC    2.80m
PV M60
Jim Day            Blk    2.60m
SP M40                                            SP W35
John Stevens       Bex    9.29m                   Esther Augee         WGEL    10.95m CBP
Melvin Allerton    IEK    9.04m                   Christine Pates      Bex     7.43m
Richard Scoones    Swl    8.58m                   SP W40
SP M50                                            Beatrice Simpson     Bro     7.01m
David Chambers     AAC    12.08m  CBP             Alex LeRossignol     AAC     6.60m
SP M60                                            SP W60
Gordon Hickey      Blk    11.57m                  Kay Koppel           Dar     7.59   CBP
Eric Kitney        M&M    10.50m
Jim Day            Blk    8.04m
Peter Barber       Cam    7.91m
DT M40                                            DT W35
Richard Scoones    Swl    30.79m                  Esther Augee         WGEL    34.39m
Melvin Allerton    IEK    26.99m                  Christine Pates      Bex     19.12m
Wayne Howe         SCV    26.79m                  DT W40
DT M50                                            Anne Allerton        IEK     26.03m
David Chambers     AAC    34.41m                  Beatrice Simpson     Bro     25.03m
DT M60                                            DT W60
Gordon Hickey      Blk    37.85m                  Kay Koppel           Dar     17.54m
William Hudson     B&N    35.04m
Eric Kitney        M&M    34.44m
Peter Barber       Cam    28.64m
Jim Day            Blk    20.40m
JT M40                                            JT W35
John Fenton        Dar    47.13m                  Christine Pates      Bex     25.76m
Wayne Howe         SCV    39.10m                  JT W40
Robert Williams    PDW    37.79m                  Anne Goad            Dar     25.94m
John Stevens       Bex    31.67m                  Beatrice Simpson     Bro     20.40m
Melvin Allerton    IEK    30.01m                  JT W50
JT M50                                            Pat Oakes            M&M     21.15m
David Chambers     AAC    35.05                   Diane Williams       PDW     20.44m
Gerry Olson        AAC    32.91m                  JT W60
Ken Daniel         Blk    23.21m                  Kay Keppel           Dar     17.53m   CBP
JT M60
Jim Day            Blk    21.35m
HT M40                                            HT W35
John Stevens       Bex    36.98m                  Esther Augee         WGEL    48.67m
Wayne Howe         SCV    30.02m                   HT W40
Melvin Allerton    IEK    26.29m                  Beatrice Simpson     Bro     35.51m
HT M60                                            Anne Allerton        IEK     26.71m
Peter Barber       Cam    37.07m                  Kim Weaving          IEK     14.51m
Jim Day            Blk    15.55m
100 M40                                           100 M50
Heat 1                                            Doug Lucas           Cam     12.3s     CBP
Iain Presnell      Ton    12.5s                   Geoffrey Kitchener   Sev     13.0s
Mark Poulton       Ton    12.7s                   Les Wood             AAC     13.2s
Andy Exall         PDW    12.8s                   Derek Briscoe        Cam     14.5s
Wayne Howe         SCV    13.3s                   100 M60
Richard Scoones    Swl    13.4s                   Jim Hurley           IEK     14.9s
Heat2                                             John Godbeer         Cam     15.7s
Stephen Langford   AAC    12.5s                   Jim Day              Blk     15.8s
Mark Woods         PDW    12.6s                   100 M70
Graham Barton      Dar    12.7s                   Peter Yates          Knt     17.6s
Gary Capon         Dar    12.7s                   100 W40
John Stevens       Bex    dnf                     Anne Goad            Dar     14.0s
FINAL                                             Jill Hayman          M&M     14.6s
Iain Presnell      Ton    12.3s                   Gwen Cunningham      Bex     14.7s
Mark Poulton       Ton    12.3s                   Andrea Jeffries      Knt     15.3s
Stephen Langford   AAC    12.4s                   100 W50
Gary Capon         Dar    12.6s                   Angela Price         M&M     15.8s
Graham Barton      Dar    12.7s                   Pat Oakes            M&M     16.3s
Andy Exall         PDW    12.7s                  
Wayne Howe         SCV    13.3s
Mark Woods         PDW    14.1s
200 M40                                           200 W35
Stephen Langford   AAC    25.6s                   Christine Pates      Bex     29.7s
Mark Woods         PDW    25.7s                   200 W40
John R Turner      Blk    26.6s                   Anne Goad            Dar     30.0s
Dennis Thacker     Dar    28.4s                   Teresa May           Sev     30.7s
John Stevens       Bex    30.2s                   200 W50
200 M50                                           Angela Price         M&M     34.9s
Doug Lucas         Cam    24.8s  CBP              200 W60
Geoffrey Kitchener Sev    26.9s                   Margaret Clark       Sev     39.4s   CBP
Mike Nunn          Dar    28.1s
Ken Daniel         Blk    28.1s
Gerry Olson        AAC    29.1s
Mike Martineau     Blk    30.3s
200 M60
Jim Hurley         IEK    31.6s
John Godbeer       Cam    32.4s
200 M70
Peter Yates        Knt    37.9s  CBP
400 M40                                           400 W35
Ray Daniel         Cam    55.3s                   Debra Pike           Cam     66.6s
Mark Woods         PDW    58.2s                   Christine Pates      Bex     67.3s
John R Turner      Blk    60.6s                   400 W40
400 M50                                           Teresa May           Sev     70.2s
Doug Lucas         Cam    54.9s  CBP              Andrea Jeffries      Knt     75.1s
Geoffrey Kitchener Sev    60.9s                   400 W50
Julian Spencer-Wood Knt   61.6s                   Maureen Farmer       Dar     84.8s
Mike Martineau     Blk    69.0s                   400 W60
400 M70                                           Magaret Clark        Sev     87.4s   CBP
Peter Yates        Knt    93.9s
800 M40                                           800 W40
Ray Daniel         Cam    2:05.4s                 Pat Halstead        Dar     2:52.8s
Michael Clark      Sev    2:12.0s                 800 W50
Brian Buckwell     Ton    2:15.0s                 Maureen Farmer      Dar     3:03.9s
Tim Orr            Dar    2:21.3s                 800 W60
Ian Mackett        AAC    dnf                     Margaret Clark      Sev     3:18.1s
800 M50
Ken Daniel         Blk    2:12.4s  CBP
Peter Hamilton     Blk    2:20.6s
Julian Spencer-Wood Knt   2:22.2s
1500 M40                                          1500 W40             
Tim Orr            Dar    4:42.2s                 Pat Halstead         Dar     5:51.1s
Ian Mackett        AAC    5:59.1s                 1500 W50
1500 M50                                          Maureen Farmer       Dar     6:14.4s
Ken Daniel         Blk    4:35.6s                 1500 W60
Peter Hamilton     Blk    4:52.3s                 Margaret Clark       Sev     6:35.7s
Maurice Marchant   Ton    5:18.3s

English Schools Multi Events @ Hull on 15+16/9/01
u17 Octathlon: 6 O Bournat (KSAA) 4691
u15 Pentathlon: 16 D Lucas (KSAA) 2374
u20 Heptathlon: 6 G Clements (KSAA) 3818

Southern Premier National Junior League @ Barnet on 16/9/01
men: 2 Maidstone & Rochester 295, 6 Dartford 229
women: 3 Bromley 286

Inter Area Track Walks @ Birmingham on 29/9/01
u20 women: 2 N Phillips (Dar) 27:38.1, 3 N Fox (Dar) 30:12.2

Southern Road Relay Championships @ Aldershot on 29+30/9/01
Snr men: 11 Blk 1:56:58, 12 M&M 1:57:35, 15 Knt 1:59:39, 39 Knt B 2:08:14, 52 M&M B 2:12:09, 54 Ton 2:13:08
Snr women: 16 Blk 62:07
M40: 25 M&M 1:29:50, 27 Ton 1:30:40
M50: 5 IEK 1:28:37, 10 Blk 1:31.09, 26 Cam 1:41:27
M60: 3 Cam 1:47:37, 7 Sev 2:01:14
u17 men: 3 M&M 51:27, 16 M&M B 54:07, 18 Blk 54:42
u17 women: 5 M&M 33:40, 13 M&M B 36:20
u15 men: 17 M&M 44:32
u15 women: 14 M&M 36:37
u13 men: 13 Blk 48:47, 18 Ton 49:37, 26 M&M 53:47
u13 women: 14 M&M 28:16

North Downs 30km @ Gravesend on 30/9/01
men: B Royden (M&M) 1:58:41, A Webb (AAC) 1:59:09, G Stevens (Sev M40) 2:03:47, R Pearce (I&I M40) 2:03:53
team: AAC 30, I&I 40, PDW 50
women: L Gannon (RNAC W35) 2:16:53, H Fitzmaurice (Sev) 2:27:24, J Cobby (NEJ W35) 2:35:48
team: 2 New Elt Jog 55, 3 Thanet RR 80

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