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Kent Youth Games 2004 - Athletics - Canterbury High School Track 13 June 2004

Last amended at 30-06-04

?indicates the athlete was not declared in that event, however the name is probably correct.

Year 5/6

70m Girls

A2       Shadise West             R1        11.0      Medway Byron

S1        Amy Milden                 R2       11.0      Tonbridge & Malling

Q4       Elizabeth Barker        R2       11.0      Ashford A

N4       Georgia Medley          R3       11.1      Medway - Gordon

G2       Rhiannon Pressnell      R1        11.4      Swale - Minterne

P6        Susan Richards?         R2       11.4      Canterbury

Q13     Alicia Lilley                  R4       11.4      Ashford A

G3       Victoria Packman        R4       11.4      Swale - Minterne

N1        Catherine Trump        R1        11.5      Medway - Gordon

O5       Chelsey Worthan        R1        11.9      Dover

H1        Amy Matthews           R4       12.0     Thanet

A4       Hannah Glanville          R5       12.1      Medway - Byron

Q5       Amber Regardoe        R3       12.2     Ashford A

I5        Danielle Winstone       R4       12.2     Medway Balfour

L1        Hannah Russell           R2       12.3     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

C6        Harriet Shone R3       12.5     T&M – More Park

S2       Louisa  Boyce              R5       12.7     Tonbridge & Malling

M3       Francesca Head         R4       12.8     Swale - Tunstall

K1        Grace Montgomery     R3       12.9     Swale - Hernhill

I2        Harpreet Baht            R2       13.1      Medway - Balfour

M1       Leah Miller                  R3       13.1      Swale - Tunstall

F4        Toni Hughes                R5       13.1      Medway – Panther Club

B2        Georgia Leader           R2       13.2     Maidstone – Palace Wood

O3       Lucy Deary                  R1        13.3     Dover

P6        Laura Hanagan?          R1        13.3     Canterbury

F3        Gemma Harris R2       13.3     Medway – Panther Club

K2        Helen Temple?           R3       13.5     Swale - Hernhill

J2       Panthya Henderson     R5       13.6     Swale - Graveney

K4        Chloe Gill                     R2       13.7     Swale - Hernhill

J1        Ceri Henderson          R3       13.7     Swale - Graveney

R1        Anna Peppitt               R1        13.8     Ashford B

L2        Tamzin May                 R3       13.8     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

H5       KirstyDeavin               R1        13.9     Thanet

L6        Sophia Basserati?       R5       15.2     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

150m Girls

G1        Emily Rogers               R4       22.8     Swale - Minterne

P2        Eleanor Campbell        R6       24.2     Canterbury

P1         Enya Lynch                  R3       24.4     Canterbury

A3       Hannah Thomason       R6       24.5     Medway Byron

S6       Kristy Rogers             R1        24.7     Tonbridge & Malling

I3        Emy Routledge           R1        24.9     Medway Balfour

N6       Grace Hilling               R2       25.0     Medway Gordon

O1        Jade Williams             R1        25.1     Dover

G5       Katherine Windsor     R2       25.2     Swale - Minterne

F2        Megan Angus              R4       25.4     Medway Panther Club

R6       Katie Martin                R5       25.4     Ashford B

Q3       Laura Ralph                 R5       25.4     Ashford A

Q2       Danielle Burnikell        R2       25.6     Ashford A

S5       Natalie Smith              R3       25.9     Tonbridge & Malling

J3       April Pioli                     R2       26.0     Swale - Graveney

A6       Ashleigh Evans            R3       26.0     Medway Byron

N5       Kerry Ryan-Johnston  R5       26.7     Medway - Gordon

H3       Jessica Anderson       R5       26.9     Thanet

O2       Chantel Williams?       R1        27.0     Dover

H4       Samantha Austin         R2       27.0     Thanet

M2       Kelly Baker                 R4       27.2     Swale Tunstall

C3        Stephanie Gilbert?     R3       27.9     T & M – More Park

K6        Gabrielle Kay              R3       28.0     Swale - Hernhill

I4        Ellie-May Eagle           R4       28.0     Medway - Balfour

F6        Ashleigh Brooks          R1        28.8     Medway – Panther Club

R5       Jessica Hennessy       R2       28.8     Ashford B

M4       Yasmin Jordan            R1        28.9     Swale - Tunstall

J4       Stephanie Kay R4       30.8     Swale - Graveney

K5        Ashley Whitnell          R6       31.5     Swale - Hernhill

L4        Alisha Agovi?              R3       33.3     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

L6        Sophia Basserati         R6       34.7     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

600m Girls

P5        Lucy Hyams                 R2       2-01.6 Canterbury

O4       Harley Hadley-Lawrence  R3       2-03.9 Dover

S3       Sarah Shepherd         R3       2-06.1 Tonbridge & Malling

Q6       Sarah Packham            R2       2-07.6 Ashford A

G6       Emma Duke                 R4       2-09.6 Swale - Minterne

S4       Sophie Woodward      R1        2-11.7  Tonbridge & Malling

G4       Jessica Hyams            R3       2-12.9 Swale - Minterne

A5       Georgia Lewis             R4       2-13.0 Medway - Byron

I1        Lucy Nicholson            R1        2-15.2 Medway - Balfour

H6       Hannah Day                 R3       2-17.3 Thanet

N3       Sadie Chaplin              R3       2-17.6 Medway - Gordon

P3        Charlie Hayes             R1        2-18.0 Canterbury

F5        Kathleen Sheehy         R2       2-18.2 Medway Panther Club

H2       Chantelle Cohen          R3       2-19.4 Thanet

R4       Evie O’Driscoll            R2       2-21.0 Ashford B

Q1       Kelsey Howard           R2       2-21.5 Ashford A

C6        Harriet Shone R1        2-23.3 T&M – More Park

M5       Elizabeth Jenkins       R2       2-26.9 Swale - Tunstall

O2       Chantel Williams         R4       2-27.1 Dover

M6       Sophie Holt                 R3       2-27.8 Swale - Tunstall

R3       Danielle Pope              R2       2-28.1 Ashford B

F1        Sophie Harris             R2       2-33.9 Medway – Panther Club

I6        Amy Perrin                  R4       2-37.8 Medway - Balfour

A1        Georgia Spavins          R1        2-37.9 Medway - Byron

C1        Jannell Minchela         R2       2-42.2 T&M – More Park

L5        Katie Janes                 R3       2-43.3 Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

J6       Jessica Bloor              R1        2-50.3 Swale - Graveney

B1        Alicia Clarke               R1        2-59.5 Maidstone – Palace Wood

N2       Laura Dyson                R3       3-08.1 Medway - Gordon

J5Dsq Rachael Rook              R4       3-14.7 Swale - Graveney

K3Dsq Sophie Montgomery    R2       3-44.4 Swale - Hernhill

Girls Stand Long Jump

R4       Evi O’Driscoll                          1m82   Ashford B

A2       Shadise West                         1m80   Medway - Byron

S4       Sophie Woodward                  1m72   Tonbridge & Malling

P3        Charlie Hayes                         1m72   Canterbury

G4       Jessica Hyams                        1m71    Swale – Minterne

K1        Grace Montgomery                 1m67   Swale - Hernhill

A3       Hannah Thomson                     1m66   Medway – Byron

C6        Harriet Shone             1m66   T&M – More Park

J6       Jessica Law                            1m61    Swale – Graveney

L1        Hannah Russell                       1m61    Dover- Cartwright & Kelsey

O6       Sophie Cook                            1m61    Dover

H3       Jessica Anderson                   1m60   Thanet

P5        Lucy Hyams                             1m60   Canterbury

J3       April Pioli                                 1m59   Swale - Graveney

F2        Megan Angus                          1m58   Medway – Panther Club

Q2       Danielle Burnikell                    1m58   Ashford A

Q13     Alicia Lilley                              1m56   Ashford A

O4       Harley Hadley-Lawrence       1m54   Dover

C3        Stephanie Gilbert                   1m53   T&M – More Park

G6       Emma Duke                             1m53   Swale – Minterne

N6       Grace Hillings                         1m53   Medway – Gordon

S2       Louisa Boyce                           1m53   Tonbridge & Malling

I1        Lucy Nicholson                        1m52   Medway - Balfour

I3        Emy Routledge                       1m50   Medway – Balfour

M1       Leah Miller                              1m49   Swale – Tunstall

Q1       Kelsey Howard                       1m48   Ashford

F5        Katherine Sheehy                   1m46   Medway – Panther

K3        Sophie Montgomery                1m46   Swale - Hernhill

B2        Georgia Leader                       1m45   Maidstone – Palace Wood

N5       Sadie Chaplin                          1m41    Medway – Gordon

R1        Anna Peppitt                           1m39   Ashford B

M4       Jasmine Jordan                      1m38   Swale - Tunstall

H4       Samantha Austin                     1m32   Thanet

L5        Katie Janey                             1m29   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

104      Michkella Robinson                 0m90   Individual

Girls Stand Triple Jimp

G1        Emily Rogers                           6m08   Swale - Minterne

S5       Natalie Smith                          5m86   Tonbridge & Malling

G5       Katherine Windsor                 5m64   Swale – Minterne

A5       Georgia Lewis                         5m44   Medway – Byron

P2        Eleanor Campbel                     5m40   Canterbury

Q4       Elizabeth Barker                    4m92   Ashford A

R6       Katie Martin                            4m92   Ashford B

K4        Chloe Gill                                 4m86   Swale – Hernhill

O2       Chantel Williams                     4m80   Dover

S6       Christy Rogers                       4m76   Tonbridge & Malling

Q3       Laura Paul                               4m65   Ashford A

O1        Jade Williams                         4m54   Dover

I5        Danielle Winstone                   4m34   Medway – Balfour

P4        Laura Hannagan                      4m24   Canterbury

I2        Harpreet Baht                        4m20   Medway – Balfour

F6        Ashleigh Brooks                      4m16   Medway – Panther Club

J1        Ceri Henderson                      4m04   Swale – Graveney

R5       Jessica Hennessy                   3m98   Ashford B

M2       Kelly Baker                             3m86   Swale - Tunstall

K2        Helen Temple                         3m82   Swale – Hernhill

N1        Catherine Tramp                    3m82   Medway - Gordon

H5       Kirsty Deavin                          3m80   Thanet

M6       Sophie Holt                             3m66   Swale - Tunstall

F1        Sophie Harris                         3m62   Medway – Panther Club

H2       Chantelle Cohen                      3m62   Thanet

L4        Alisha Agovi                            3m62   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

C1        Jammel Minchella                   3m60   T&M – More Park

N2       Laura Dyson                            3m52   Medway - Gordon

L2        Tamsyn May                            3m46   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

J5       Rachel Rook                            3m42   Swale - Graveney

A1        Georgina Spavins                    3m24   Medway – Byron

Girls Vertical Jump

Q6       Sarah Packham                        52cm   Ashford A

G3       Victoria Packham                    52cm   Swale - Minterne

G2       Rhiannon Pressnell                  50cm   Swale – Minterne

P1         Enya Lynch                              47cm   Canterbury

S1        Amy Hilden                             47cm   Tonbridge & Malling

N4       Georgia Medlev                      42cm   Medway - Gordon

H6       Hannah Day                             41cm    Thanet

P6        Susan Richards                       38cm   Canterbury

S3       Sarah Shepard                       38cm   Tonbridge & Malling

I6        Amy Perrin                              37cm   Medway - Balfour

A4       Hannah Glanville                      36cm   Medway – Byron

O5       Chelsey Worton                      36cm   Dover

O3       Lucy Deary                              35cm   Dover

C2        Ciara Whiteman                      34cm   T&M – More Park

N3       Sadie Chaplin                          34cm   Medway - Gordon

F4        Toni Hughes                            32cm   Medway – Panther Club

K5        Ashley Whitnade                    32cm   Swale – Hernhill

Q5       Amber Regardsea                  32cm   Ashford A

A6       Ashley Evans                           31cm    Medway – Byron

H1        Amy Matthews                       31cm    Thanet

M3       Francesca Head                     31cm    Swale – Tunstall

M5       Elizabeth Jenkins                   31cm    Swale – Tunstall

R3       Dannielle Pope             30cm   Ashford B

F3        Gemma Harris            29cm   Medway – Panther Club

J2       Panthia Richardson                  27cm   Swale – Graveney

L3        Zoe Ledner                             27cm   Dover

R2       Julliet Martin                         27cm   Ashford B

I4        Ellie Eagle                               26cm   Medway – Balfour

J4       Stephanie Kay             24cm   Swale – Graveney

L6        Sofia Basaratti                       24cm   Dover

K6        Gabrielle Kay                          21cm    Swale - Hernhill

Girls Soft Hammer

S2       Louisa Boyce                           29m     Tonbridge & Malling

O2       Chantel Williams                     27m     Dover

G5       Katherine Windsor                 26m     Swale – Minterne

G6       Emma Duke                             25m     Swale – Minterne

K5        Ashley Whitnel                       22m     Swale – Hernhill

P2        Eleanor Campbell                    22m     Canterbury

P6        Susan Richards                       22m     Canterbury

B1        Alicia Clark                             21m     Maidstone – Palace Wood

Q2       Danielle Burnkell                    21m     Ashford A

L5        Katie James                            20m     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

I3        Emy Routledge                       19m     Medway – Balfour

Q4       Elizabeth Barker                    19m     Ashford A

I6        Amy Perrin                              18m     Medway - Balfour

A1        Georgia Spavins                      17m     Medway – Byron

J4       Stephanie Kay             17m     Swale – Graveney

K6        Gabrielle Kay                          17m     Swale – Hernhill

R5       Jessica Hennessy                   17m     Ashford B

J3       April Pioli                                 16m     Swale – Graveney

M2       Kelley Baker                           15m     Swale – Tunstall

N1        Catherine Trump                    15m     Medway – Gordon

R1        Anna Pettit                              13m     Ashford B

F3        Gemma Harris            12m     Medway – Panther Club

H1        Aimee Matthews                    12m     Thanet

M5       Elizabeth Jenkins                   12m     Swale - Tunstall

H3       Jessica Anderson                   11m      Thanet

S3       Sarah Shepherd                     11m      Tonbridge & Malling

F5        Kathleen Sheehy                     10m     Medway – Panther Club

N3       Sadie Chaplin                          10m     Medway - Gordon

A6       Ashleigh Evans                        9m       Medway – Byron

O6       Sophie Cook                            4m       Dover

L6        Sophia Basartti                       2m       Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

Girls Chest Push

S5       Natalie Smith                          7m25   Tonbridge & Malling

Q6       Sarah Packham                        6m50   Ashford A

Q5       Amber Regardsoe                  6m50   Ashford A

S1        Amy Hilden                             6m00   Tonbridge & Malling

A2       Shadise West                         5m75   Medway – Byron

G2       Rhiannon Presnall                    5m75   Swale – Minterne

P1         Enya Lynch                              5m75   Canterbury

R3       Danielle Pope                          5m75   Ashford

J6       Jessica Bloors                        5m50   Swale - Graveney

A4       Hannah Glanville                      5m25   Medway – Byron

K1        Grace Montgomery                 5m25   Swale – Hernhill

O1        Jade Williams                         5m25   Dover

O5       Chelsey Worton                      5m25   Dover

K4        Chloe Gill                                 5m00   Swale – Hernhill

M4       Tasmin Jordan                        5m00   Swale Tunstall

G3       Victoria Packman                    4m75   Swale – Minterne

L2        Tamzin May                             4m75   Dover- Cartwright & Kelsey

P5        Lucy Hyams                             4m75   Canterbury

F2        Megan Angus                          4m50   Medway – Panther Club

H2       Chantelle Cohen                      4m50   Thanet

N6       Grace Hilling                           4m50   Medway – Gordon

R2       Juliette Martin                       4m50 Ashford B

104      Micheala Robinson                  4m50   Thanet

B2        Georgia Leader                       4m25   Maidstone – Palace Wood

H5       Kirsty Deavin                          4m25   Thanet

L4        Alisha Agovi                            4m25   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

M3       Francesca Head                     4m25   Swale

N4       Georgia Medley                      4m25   Medway - Gordon

F1        Sophie Marris             4m00   Medway – Panther Club

I1        Lucy Nicholson                        4m00   Medway – Balfour

I4        Ellie Eagle                               4m00   Medway - Balfour

C1        Jannell Minchella                    3m75   T&M – More Park

C2        Ciara Whiteman                      3m25   T&M – More Park

J2       Panthya Richardson                 3m25   Swale - Graveney

Girls Bull Nosed Javelin

G1        Emily Rogers                           17m     Swale - Minterne

O4       Harley Hadley-Lawrence       15m     Dover

O3       Lucy Deary                              15m     Dover

L1        Hannah Russell                       14m     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

N2       Laura Dyson                            13m     Medway - Gordon

G4       Jessica Hyams                        12m     Swale – Minterne

S4       Sophie Woodward                  12m     Tonbridge & Malling

A3       Hannah Thompson                   11m      Medway –Byron

Q1       Kelsey Howard                       11m      Ashford A

R6       Katy Martin                             11m      Ashford B

S6       Kristy Rogers                         11m      Tonbridge & Malling

P3        Charlie Hayes                         11m      Canterbury

F4        Toni Hughes                            11m      Medway – Panther Club

I2        Harpreet Baht                        10m     Medway – Balfour

I5        Danielle Winstone                   10m     Medway – Balfour

K3        Sophie Montgomery                10m     Swale – Hernhill

Q3       Laura Paul                               10m     Ashford A

H6       Hannah Day                             10m     Thanet

R4       Evie O’Driscoll                        10m     Ashford B

L3        Zoe Ledner                             10m     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

P4        Laura Hanagan                        10m     Canterbury

F6        Ashley Brooks             10m     Medway – Panther Club

J1        Ceri Henderson                      9m       Swale – Graveney

A5       Georga Lewis                          9m       Medway – Byron

M1       Leah Miller                              9m       Swale – Tunstall

N5       Kerry Ryan-Johnson               9m       Medway - Gordon

C6        Harriet Shone             8m       T&M – More Park

K2        Helen Temple                         8m       Swale – Hernhill

M6       Sophie Holt                             8m       Swale – Tunstall

H4       Samantha Austin                     8m       Thanet

Q13     Alicia Lilley                              8m       Ashford A

116       Zoe Bush                                 8m       Individual

C3        Stephanie Gilbert                   7m       T&M – More Park

J5       Rachel Rook                            7m       Swale – Graveney

119       Aime Collins                            6m       Individual

4x100m Girls

Q                                                         64.6     Ashford A

S                                                          65.1     Tonbridge & Malling

G                                                          65.4     Swale- Minterne

P                                                          65.9     Canterbury

A                                                         67.6     Medway - Byron

I                                                          68.1     Medway - Balfour

C                                                          69.6     T&M – More Park

N                                                         70.6     Medway - Gordon

H                                                         71.6     Thanet

ODsq                                                   73.9     Dover

F                                                          75.5     Medway – Panther Club

R                                                          75.5     Ashford B

M                                                         76.0     Swale - Tunstall

J                                                          78.2     Swale - Graveney

K                                                          84.4     Swale - Hernhill

L                                                          89.0     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

70m Boys

H7       Carl Lawrence            R1        10.3     Thanet

B7        Joshua Brown             R1        10.6     Maidstone – Palace Wood

F7        Kieran Clark                R1        10.6     Medway Panther Club

K7        Thomas Daniel R4       10.6     Swale – Hernhill

A11Dsq Tom Furse                 R2       10.8     Medway - Byron

C11       Jack Hicklin                R2       10.8     T&M – More Park

N10Dsq Ben Shears                R3       10.8     Medway - Gordon

G8       Tom Moore                 R3       10.8     Swale - Minterne

Q12     Thomas Rigg               R1        11.0      Ashford A

I7        Oliver Godfrey-Plews R4       11.0      Medway - Balfour

F10      William DeSmith         R2       11.1      Medway – Panther Club

K10      James Bray                 R3       11.1      Swale – Herne Hill

C7        Alistair Patrick           R4       11.1      T&M – More Park

F9        Emilios Tsavellas        R1        11.2      Medway – Panther Club

P10      Craig Dale                   R1        11.5      Canterbury

B11       Toby Shaw                  R2       11.5      Maidstone – Palace Wood

N11      Josh Wilson                R1        11.6      Medway - Gordon

H8       Josh Hilton                 R2       11.6      Thanet

C14      Robert Latham?         R3       11.6      T&M More Park

S8       James Tierney            R5       11.6      Tonbridge & Malling

B12      David Startup?           R2       11.7      Maidstone – Palace Wood

B9        Alex Newman             R2       11.7      Maidstone – Palace Wood

M12     Jacob Hyland              R1        11.8      Swale - Tunstall

L12      Peter Winstanley        R3       11.8      Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

S12      Connor Watson           R3       11.9      Tonbridge & Malling

I8        James Morgan            R5       11.9      Medway - Balfour

C8        James Abbott            R4       12.0     T&M – More Park

112       Jordan Copping           R4       12.0     Individual - Medway

G12      Chris Organ                R4       12.1      Swale - Minterne

R7       Callum Young               R5       12.1      Ashford B

R9       Maxwell Jirani            R4       12.2     Ashford B

Q14     Peter Davey                R3       12.3     Ashford A

J8       George McDonald       R4       12.3     Swale - Graveney

118       David Rose                  R5       12.4     Individual - Medway

C9        Joseph Boyland           R5       12.6     T&M – More Park

120      Jamie Collins               R5       12.7     Individual - Medway

M9       Tom Fagg                    R2       14.1      Swale - Tunstall

150m Boys

S7       Bradley Watson          R4       22.8     Tonbridge & Malling

G10      Ryan Hewitt                R1        23.5     Swale - Minterne

R10      Harry Herbert           R4       23.5     Ashford B

K8        William Jakeman         R4       23.7     Swale – Hernhill

S11      Tom Kimber                R1        23.9     Tonbridge & Malling

F9        Emilios Tsavellas?      R2       24.0     Medway – Panther Club

I11       Emmanuel Onam          R5       24.1     Medway - Balfour

F11       Will Greenhill              R6       24.1     Medway – Panther Club

P7        David Macvean            R2       24.2     Canterbury

A8       Louis McLeod              R3       24.2     Medway - Byron

Q7       Alex Vergara              R4       24.2     Ashford A

G9       Harry Stiles               R4       24.2     Swale - Minterne

P8        Adam Smith                R6       24.5     Canterbury

Q8       Patrick Duncan            R2       24.5     Ashford A

O11      Guy Armstrong           R3       24.5     Dover

I12      Thomas Mowat            R3       24.9     Medway - Balfour

N7       Amardeep Shergill     R4       24.9     Medway - Gordon

H10     Matthew Cooper         R4       25.0     Thanet

L8        Conor Michaels           R5       25.5     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

N9       Lewis Hooker              R1        25.5     Medway - Gordon

L10      Matt Winstanley         R2       25.8     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

B11       Toby Shaw?                R2       26.0     Maidstone – Palace Wood

O8       Jake Lamerton           R3       26.0     Dover

H9       Alex Brown                 R1        26.1     Thanet

C7        Alistair Patrick           R5       26.3     T&M - More Park

J7       Adam Hampshire-Boswell R3       26.3     Swale - Graveney

M11      Jonathan Welch          R4       27.0     Swale - Tunstall

K12      Scott Kendall              R6       27.7     Swale - Hernhill

A10      Kieran Barnett            R6       28.8     Medway - Byron

M7       Oliver Baker               R1        28.8     Swale - Tunstall

B12      David Startup R3       28.8     Maidstone - Palace Wood

J9       Callum Richardson      R6       29.1     Swale - Graveney

B5        ?                                  R2       30.3     Maidstone – Palace Wood

C12      Kieran Jones               R1        30.4     T&M - MorePark

600m Boys

Q10     Tom Bennett               R4       1-53.9 Ashford A

G11      Lewis Collins               R3       1-55.7 Swale - Minterne

L7        Christopher Thomas   R3       1-57.0 Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

F7        Kieran Clark                R2       1-58.3 Medway – Panther Club

S9       Sam Hasler                 R1        2-00.2 Tonbridge & Malling

M10     Jake Nightingale        R1        2-01.2 Swale - Tunstall

H12     Jack Kirby                  R1        2-02.2 Thanet

F12      Robert DeSmith         R3       2-03.6 Medway – Panther Club

K9        Tom Carter                 R4       2-04.2 Swale - Hernhill

I9        Grant McIlheron        R3       2-07.9 Medway - Balfour

I10      Michael Pitt-McDonald            R1        2-09.2 Medway - Balfour

K11       Thomas Walton           R2       2-09.8 Swale - Hernehill

P9        Robert Kitney             R4       2-12.3 Canterbury

S10      James Laker               R2       2-12.8 Tonbridge & Malling

A9       Jake Spavins              R4       2-12.8 Medway - Byron

B8        Jordan Wooler           R3       2-14.5 Maidstone – Palace Wood

R12      Piers Anderson           R4       2-15.3 Ashford B

P11       Jamie Walker             R2       2-15.4 Canterbury

C10      Joshua Gorman           R3       2-17.1  T&M – More Park

J11      Robert Ingram           R3       2-19.5 Swale - Graveney

A12      Nihal Ahluwalia            R2       2-19.6 Medway - Byron

M8       Tom Barney                 R4       2-20.7 Swale - Tunstall

B11       Toby Shaw                  R2       2-22.5 Maidstone – Palace Wood

N12     Craig Kinslaw              R3       2-24.6 Medway - Gordon

N8?     Lawrence Curtis?       R1        2-27.2 Medway - Gordon

L11       David Hands               R2       2-27.3 Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

118       David Rose                  R4       2-30.7 Individual - Medway

G7       Bradley Baldock         R1        2-31.1  Swale - Minterne

O12     Carne Edwards           R2       2-32.5 Dover

J12      Kenny Smyth               R2       2-34.4 Swale - Graveney

O10     Nathan Hamilton         R4       2-37.3 Dover

C9        Joseph Boyland           R1        2-47.5 T&M – More Park

R8       Steven Cowell             R1        2-55.7 Ashford B

Boys Stand Long Jump

K7        Thomas Daniel             2m05   Swale - Hernhill

N11      Josh Wilson                            2m00   Medway - Gordon

H7       Carl Lawrence                        1m98   Thanet

Q10     Tom Bennett                           1m97   Ashford A

O7       Jordan Ambrose                    1m96   Dover

S7       Bradley Watson                      1m96   Tonbridge & Malling

I11       Emmanuel Onam                      1m86   Medway Balfour

A8       Lewis McLeod                         1m85   Medway – Byron

F10      William Desmith                      1m83   Medway – Panther Club

G8       Tom Moore                             1m79   Swale – Minterne

G12      Chris Organ                            1m78   Swale – Minterne

P7        David MacVean                       1m78   Canterbury

K8        William Jakeman                     1m75   Swale – Hernhill

M12     Jacob Highland                       1m74   Swale – Tunstall

Q11      Charlie Coleman                      1m74   Ashford A

S8       James Tierney                        1m74   Tonbridge & Malling

P12      Chris Porro                              1m73   Canterbury

N10     Ben Shears                             1m72   Medway - Gordon

L8        Conor Michaels                       1m69   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

C11       Jack Hicklin                            1m68   T&M – More Park

F7        Kieran Clark                            1m68   Medway – Panther Club

I9        Grant McIlheron                    1m68   Medway – Balfour

L10      Matt Winstanley                     1m68   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

R7       Callum Young                           1m68   Ashford B

O12     Caine Edwards                        1m65   Dover

B12      David Startup             1m63   Maidstone – Palace Wood

C7        Alistair Patrick                       1m60   T&M- More Park

118       David Rose                              1m60   Medway - Individual

B11       Toby Shaw                              1m57   Maidstone – Palace Wood

A12      Nihal Ahluwalia                        1m56   Medway – Byron

Q14     Peter Davey                            1m53   Ashford A

R8       Steven Cowell                         1m52   Ashford B

H9       Alex Brown                             1m50   Thanet

M8       Tom Barney                             1m49   Swale - Tunstall

J12      Kenny Smyth                           1m36   Swale - Graveney

J8       George McDonald                   1m06   Swale - Graveney

Boys Stand Triple Jump

S9       Sam Hasler                             5m86   Tonbridge & Malling

G9       Harry Stiles                           5m68   Swale - Minterne

G7       Bradley Baldock                     5m68   Swale – Minterne

Q12     Thomas Riggs                          5m66   Ashford A

H12     Jack Kirby                              5m52   Thanet

P11       Jamie Walker                         5m50   Canterbury

S11      Tom Kimber                            5m46   Tonbridge & Malling

O9       Felix King                                5m44   Dover

B8        Jordan Wooler                       5m42   Maidstone – Palace Wood

B7        Joshua Brown                         5m36   Maidstone – Palace Wood

K9        Tom Carter                             5m14   Swale - Hernhill

F11       Will Greenhill                          5m08   Medway – Panther Club

F8        Lee Stears                              5m02   Medway – Panther Club

P9        Robert Kitney                         5m00   Canterbury

L11       David Hands                           4m98   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

A11      Tom Furse                              4m90   Medway – Byron

C8        James Abbott                        4m78   T&M – More Park

H10     Matthew Coper                       4m64   Thanet

N9       Lewis Hooker                          4m60   Medway - Gordon

J11      Robert Ingram                       4m54   Swale – Graveney

M10     Jake Nightingale                    4m52   Swale – Tunstall

Q8       Patrick Duncan                        4m46   Ashford A

R12      Piers Anderson                       4m46   Ashford B

M11      Jonathan Welch                      4m44   Swale – Tunstall

R9       Maxwell Virani                        4m32   Ashford B

A9       Jake Spavins                          4m26   Medway – Byron

I7        Oliver Godfrey- Plews           4m22   Medway – Balfour

K12      Scott Kendall                          4m22   Swale - Hernhill

I12      Tom Mowatt                           4m16   Medway - Balfour

C10      Joshua Gorman                       4m12   T&M – More Park

N12     Craig Kingslow            4m10   Medway - Gordon

L12      Peter Winstanley                    4m08   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

J7       Adam Hampshire-Boswell      4m00   Swale – Graveney

O10     Nathan Hamilton                     3m50   Dover

Boys Vertical Jump

L7        Christopher Thomas               47cm   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

R10      Harry Herbert                       46cm   Ashford B

K11       Thomas Walton                       44cm   Swale – Hernhill

F12      Robert De Smith                    43cm   Medway – Panther Club

F9        Emilios Tsavellas                    41cm    Medway – Panther Club

Q9       Adam Batt                              41cm    Ashford A

P8        Adam Smith                            40cm   Canterbury

Q7       Alex Vergara                          40cm   Ashford A

B9        Alex Newman                         39cm   Maidstone – Palace Wood

N7       Amardeep Shergill                 38cm   Medway - Gordon

G10      Ryan Hewett                           37cm   Swale – Minterne

N8       Laurence Curtis                      36cm   Medway - Gordon

A7       Terry Barnes                          35cm   Medway – Byron

G11      Lewis Collins                           34cm   Swale – Minterne

K10      James Bray                             34cm   Swale – Hernhill

P10      Craig Dale                               34cm   Canterbury

H8       Josh Hilton                             32cm   Thanet

H11      Ben Dwyer                              31cm    Thanet

I10      Michael Pitt                             31cm    Medway – Balfour

I8        James Morgan                        31cm    Medway – Balfour

L9        Matthew Lassett                    30cm   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

O8       Jake Lamerton                       30cm   Dover

R11      Harry Sedden            30cm   Ashford B

M9       Tom Fagg                                29cm   Swale – Tunstall

O11      Guy Armstrong                       29cm   Dover

A10      Kieran Barret                         28cm   Medway – Byron

C9        Jo Boylan                                28cm   T&M – More Park

C12      Kieran Jones                           28cm   T&M – More Park

S10      James Laker                           28cm   Tonbridge & Malling

S12      Connor Watson                       28cm   Tonbridge & Malling

M7       Oliver Baker                           27cm   Swale - Tunstall

J10      Angus Smith                            24cm   Swale - Graveney

B15      Scott Montgomery                 19cm    Maidstone – Palace Wood

J9       Callam Richardson                  19cm    Swale – Graveney

Boys Bull Nosed Javelin

G12      Chris Organ                            23m     Swale - Minterne

P7        David   MacVean                     23m     Canterbury

I10      Michael Pitt-McDonald           22m     Medway - Balfour

K7        Thomas Daniel             22m     Swale – Hernehill

G7       Bradley Baldock                     21m     Swale – Minterne

Q12     Thomas Riggs                          21m     Ashford A

L9        Matthew Laslatt                     20m     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

R10      Harry Herbert                       20m     Ashford B

K9        Tom Carter                             19m     Swale – Hernhill

O9       Felix King                                19m     Dover

Q8       Patrick Duncan                        19m     Ashford A

M8       Tom Barney                             18m     Swale – Tunstall

N7       Armadeep Shergill                 18m     Medway - Gordon

F10      William Desmith                      17m     Medway – Panther Club

H8       Josh Hilton                             17m     Thanet

I12      Tom Mowat                             17m     Medway – Balfour

P8        Adam Smith                            17m     Canterbury

A11      Tom Furse                              16m     Medway – Byron

B11       Toby Shaw                              16m     Maidstone – Palace Wood

C10      Joshua Gorman                       16m     T&M – More Park

F11       Will Greenhill                          16m     Medway – Panther Club

O8       Jake Lamerton                       16m     Dover

S12      Connor Watson                       16m     Tonbridge & Malling

C13      Robert Lacey                          15m     T&M – More Park

A9       Jake Spavins                          14m     Medway – Byron

L12      Peter Winstanley                    14m     Dover – Cartwright & Kelset

B12      David Startup             13m     Maidstone – Palace Wood

112       Jordan Copping                       13m     Medway - Individual

C9        Josiah Boyland                        12m     T&M – More Park

J8       George McDonald                   12m     Swale – Graveney

M11      Jonathan Welch                      12m     Swale – Tunstall

S10      James Laker                           12m     Tonbridge & Malling

H11      Ben Dwyer                              11m      Thanet

N10     Ben Shears                             11m      Medway – Gordon

R11      Harry Sedden            10m     Ashford B

Boys Soft Hammer

S9       Sam Hasler                             37m     Tonbridge & Malling

G10      Ryan Hewitt                            34m     Swale - Minterne

H7       Carl Lawrence                        34m     Thanet

Q10     Tom Bennett                           32m     Ashford A

L11       David Hands                           30m     Dover

M12     Jacob Highland                       30m     Swale – Tunstall

O7       Jordan Ambrose                    30m     Dover

O11      Guy Armstrong                       29m     Dover

Q11      Charles Coleman                     29m     Ashford A

C11       Jack Hicklin                            28m     T&M – More Park

P11       Jamie Walker                         26m     Canterbury

R7       Callum Young                           26m     Ashford B

G8       Thomas Moore                        25m     Swale – Minterne

K8        William Jakeman                     25m     Swale - Hernhill

A10      Kieran Barnett                        23m     Medway – Byron

H9       Alex Brown                             23m     Thanet

I11       Emmanuel Onam                      22m     Medway – Balfour

K11       Thomas Walton                       22m     Swale - Hernhill

F7        Kieran Clark                            21m     Medway – Panther Club

I9        Grant McIlheron                    21m     Medway – Balfour

J7       AdamHampshire-Boswell       21m     Swale – Graveney

M10     Jake Nightingale                    21m     Swale - Tunstall

J12      Kenny Smyth                           20m     Swale – Graveney

N11      Josh Wilson                            20m     Medway - Gordon

C7        Alistair Patrick                       19m     T&M – More Park

L8        Conor Michaels                       19m     Dover

R8       Steven Cowell                         19m     Ashford B

N9       Lewis Hooker                          18m     Medway - Gordon

B8        Jordan Wooler                       16m     Maidstone – Palace Wood

F12      Robert Desmith                      16m     Medway – Panther Club

P9        Robert Kitney                         11m      Canterbury

A7       Terry Barnes                          1m        Medway - Byron

Boys Chest Push

F8        Lee Stears                              6m25   Medway Panther Club

Q9       Adam Batt                              6m25   Ashford A

S11      Tom Rimber                            6m       Tonbridge & Malling

G11      Lewis Collins                           6m       Swale – Minterne

A8       Lewis McLeod                         5m75   Medway – Byron

H12     Jack Kirby                              5m75   Thanet

I8        James Morgan                        5m75   Medway – Balfour

L7        Christopher Thomas               5m75   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

L10      Matt Winstanley                     5m75   Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

N12     Graig Kingslow                        5m75   Medway – Gordon

O12     Caine Edward                          5m75   Dover

J11      Robert Ingram                       5m50   Swale – Graveney

K12      Scott Kendall                          5m50   Swale – Hernhill

P12      Chris Porro                              5m50   Canterbury

Q7       Alex Vergara                          5m50   Ashford A

A12      Nihal Ahluwalia                        5m25   Medway – Byron

B9        Alex Newman                         5m25   Maidstone – Palace Wood

S8       James Tierney                        5m25   Tonbridge & Malling

H10     Matthew Cooper                     5m00   Thanet

I7        Oliver Godfrey-Plews            5m00   Medway – Balfour

K10      James Bray                             5m00   Swale – Hernhill

N8       Lawrence Curtis                     5m00   Medway - Gordon

M7       Oliver Baker                           4m75   Swale – Tunstall

O10     Nathan Hamilton                     4m75   Dover

P10      Craig Dale                               4m75   Canterbury

R9       Maxwell Virani                        4m75   Ashford B

F9        Emilios Tsavellas                    4m50   Medway – Panther Club

R12      Piers Anderson                       4m50   Ashford B

C8        James Abbott                        4m25   T&M – More Park

C12      Kieran Jones                           4m25   T&M – More Park

G9       Harry Stiles                           4m25   Swale - Minterne

M9       Thomas Fagg                           4m25   Swale - Tunstall

B15      Scott Montgomery                 4m00   Maidstone – Palace Wood

4x100m Boys

G                                                          64.3     Swale - Minterne

S                                                          64.4     Tonbridge & Malling

IDsq                                                    64.4     Medway - Balfour

P                                                          64.8     Canterbury

F                                                          65.1     Medway – Panther Club

K                                                          65.3     Swale - Hernhill

H                                                         65.8     Thanet

Q                                                         66.3     Ashford A

N                                                         66.4     Medway - Gordon

B                                                          66.6     Maidstone – Palace Wood

A                                                         67.2     Medway - Byron

L                                                          69.7     Dover – Cartwight & Kelsey

M                                                         70.0     Swale - Tunstall

C                                                          71.7     T&M – More Park

R                                                          72.1     Ashford B

O                                                         72.5     Dover

J                                                          77.0     Swale - Graveney

4x100m Mixed (2 Boys + 2 Girls)

G                                                          65.5     Swale - Minterne

H                                                         67.6     Thanet

Q                                                         67.6     Ashford A

S                                                          69.3     Tonbridge & Malling

K                                                          69.4     Swale - Hernhill

N/S                                                     70.1     Individuals Team

N/S                                                     70.2     Individuals Team

A                                                         70.3     Medway - Byron

O                                                         70.6     Dover

R                                                          71.2     Ashford B

P                                                          71.8     Canterbury

L                                                          71.9     Dover – Cartwright & Kelsey

F                                                          72.5     Medway – Panther Club

C                                                          73.3     T&M – More Park

B                                                          74.2     Maidstone – Palace Wood

J                                                          76.1     Swale - Graveney

M                                                         78.6     Swale - Tunstall

N/S                                                     80.1     Individuals Team

Team Result

1         Swale – Minterne              176

2        Ashford A                        159

3        Tonbridge & Malling         148

4        Canterbury                       140

5        Dover                               124

6        Swale – Hernhill               112

7        Thanet                             104

8=      Medway – Balfour Junior  102

8=      Medway Panther Club       102

10       Medway – Byron Road      89

11       Medway – Gordon Junior  81

12       Ashford B                        79

13       Swale – Tunstall                71

14       Dover – Cartwright & K    62

15       T& M – More Park            59

16       Maidstone – Palace Wood 39

17       Swale – Graveney             38     

Year 7/8

100m Girls

A3       Emily Featherstone    R1        13.9     Medway Panther Club

D2       Rebecca Taylor          R1        14.1      Canterbury

D3       Rachel Hanagan          R2       14.1      Canterbury

B6        Kristy Scotland           R2       14.3     Shepway

A6       Carys Hartley             R2       14.4     Medway Panther Club

E5        Catriona Goodman       R1        14.9     Ashford

113       Kara Gibbs                  R2       15.0     Individual - Thanet

F4        Samantha French        R2       15.1      Tonbridge & Malling

109      Natasha Duggins         R3       15.4     Individual - Maidstone

110       Becca Proberts           R1        15.5     Individual - Maidstone

E14      Stacey Yaxley R3       15.7     Ashford

C4        Jessica West              R2       15.9     Dover

E13      Jennifer Clarkson      R1        16.5     Ashford

E3        Charlotte Burnikell     R3       16.7     Ashford

C6        Jessica Steven           R3       16.7     Dover

F3        Stephanie Curtis         R3       17.3     Tonbridge & Malling

B5        Ka-Mun Yak                R1        19.5     Shepway

70m Hurdles Girls

A1        Simone Marner           R1        12.4     Medway Panther Club

D5       Sarah Barnes              R2       12.7     Canterbury

E1        Hannah Hogben           R1        13.6     Ashford

E6        Louise Weeden           R2       13.9     Ashford

D4       Emily Mankelow          R3       14.6     Canterbury

A5       Dani Reeves                R3       14.7     Medway

109      Natasha Duggins         R2       15.5     Individual - Maidstone

B4        Charlotte Chambers   R2       15.8     Shepway

C5        Rebecca Dockra         R1        16.6     Dover

F6        Stacey-Ann Wisdom   R1        17.2     Tonbridge & Malling

B2        Rachel Llewelyn          R1        17.8     Shepway

F5        Hara Majengwa          R2       18.9     Tonbridge & Malling

C3        Megan Evans               R3       19.0     Dover

800m Girls

D13      Catherine Lough          R1        2-51.1  Canterbury

B1        Lucy Weekes              R1        2-53.5 Shepway

F1        Keri Lee                      R1        2-54.0 Tonbridge & Malling

A4       Nadine Terry              R1        2-55.7 Medway Panther Club

A2       Yasmyn Joseph           R1        2-57.3 Medway Panther Club

E4        Sophia Cullingham       R1        3-00.0 Ashford

D1        Alice Hutt                   R1        3-04.0 Canterbury

B3        Francesca Zielinski     R1        3-14.2 Shepway

C2        Sharna Simpson          R1        3-18.6 Dover

F2        Britanee Ali                 R1        3-22.1 Tonbridge & Malling

D6       Joanna Bond                R1        3-22.8 Canterbury

C1        Laura Wilson               R1        3-31.8 Dover

E2Dsq Molly Clark                 R1        3-56.5 Ashford

Girls Vertical Jump

A6       Carys   Hartley                       59cm   Medway Panther Club

E1        Hannah Hogben                       56cm   Ashford

A3       Emily Featherstone                50cm   Medway Panther Club

E4        Sophia Cullingham                  50cm   Ashford

F5        Hara Majengwa                      48cm   T&M

C6        Jessica Steven                       46cm   Dover

F6        Stacey Wisdom                       44cm   T&M

B3        Francesca Zielinski                 43cm   Shepway

D6       Joanna Bond                            43cm   Canterbury

B2        Rachel Llewelyn                      41cm    Shepway

D1        Alice Hutt                               37cm   Canterbury

C5        Becky Dockwra                       35cm   Dover

Girls Triple Jump

D3       Rachael Hanagan                     6m06   Canterbury

D5       Sarah Barnes                          5m94   Canterbury

C2        Sharna Simpson                      5m88   Dover

B5        Ka-Mun Yak                            5m86   Shepway

F4        Samantha French                    5m73   T&M

115       Holly Ingles                            5m69   Medway - Individual

A5       Danielle Reeves                      5m45   Medway

A2       Yasmyn Joseph                       5m23   Medway

C1        Laura Wilson                           4m98   Dover

E3        Charlotte Burnikell                 4m95   Ashford

E13      Jennifer Clarkson                  4m72   Ashford

F1        Kerry Lee                               4m68   T&M

E14      Stacey Yaxley            4m48   Ashford

B1        Lucy Weekes                          4m33   Shepway

E2        Molly Clark                             4m33   Ashford

Girls Long Jump

E5        Catriona Goodman                   4m05   Ashford

A4       Nadine Terry                          3m96   Medway Panther Club

A1        Simone Marner                       3m86   Medway Panther Club

F2        Brtiney Ali                               3m80   T&M

B4        Charlotte Chambers               3m79   Shepway

E6        Louise Weeden                       3m77   Ashford

D2       Becky Taylor                           3m73   Canterbury

B6        Kirstie Scotland                      3m71   Shepway

D4       Emily Mankelow                      3m36   Canterbury

C4        Jessica West                          2m97   Dover

C3        Megan Evans                           2m59   Dover

F3        Stephanie Curtis                     2m35   T&M

Girls Shot Putt

105      Jennifer Taylor                      9m10   Individual

E6        Louise Weeden                       6m72   Ashford

E1        Hannah Hogben                       5m88   Ashford

B4        Charlotte Chambers               5m72   Shepway

F3        Stephanie Curtis                     5m72   T&M

B6        Kirstie Scotland                      5m68   Shepway

D3       Rachel Hannigan                      5m66   Canterbury

E14      Stacey Yaxley            5m63   Ashford

113       Kara Gibbs                              5m61   Thanet Individual

D2       Becky Taylor                           5m42   Canterbury

F2        Britney Ali                               5m03   T&M

C6        Jessica Stevens                     5m00   Dover

A2       Yasmyn Joseph                       4m49   Medway

A6       Carys Hartley                         4m31   Medway

Girls Turbo Javelin

B5        Ka-Mun Yak                            13m     Shepway

D1        Alice Hutt                               12m     Canterbury

F1        Kerri Lee                                12m     Tonbridge & Malling

A3       Emily Featherstone                11m      Medway

B1        Lucy Weekes                          11m      Shepway

D6       Joann Bond                             11m      Canterbury

A5       Danielle Reeves                      10m     Medway

F5        Hara Majengwa                      10m     T&M

C2        Sharna Simpson                      9m       Dover

E4        Sophia Cullingham                   8m       Ashford

E2        Molly Clark                             8m       Ashford

C5        Becky Dockwra                       6m       Dover

Girls Discus

F6        Stacey-Ann Wisdom               16m03 Tonbridge & Malling

A1        Simone Marner                       15m97 Medway Panther Club

C3        Megan Evans                           15m77 Dover

B3        Francesca Zielinski                 15m43 Shepway

A4       Nadine Terry                          15m02 Medway

E3        Charlotte Burnikell                 14m69 Ashford

B2        Rachel Llewelyn                      14m10  Shepway

E5        Catriona Goodman                   13m01  Ashford

F4        Samantha French                    11m72  T&M

D5       Sarah Barnes                          11m18  Canterbury

C4        Jess West                              10m48 Dover

D4       Emily Mankelow                      9m95   Canterbury

14        Chris Castle                            8m56   Dover Individual

4x100m Girls

A                                                         55.3     Medway Panther Club

B                                                          59.3     Shepway

D                                                         59.4     Canterbury

E                                                          60.9     Ashford

C                                                          65.4     Dover

100m Boys

E7        Dwayne Tomlinson?    R3       13.3     Ashford

114       Jesse Silvera             R3       13.4     Individual - Thanet

B8        Alex Malcolm              R1        13.5     Shepway

A7       Jo Milliner                  R2       13.6     Medway Panther Club

A10      Alex Caine                   R1        13.7     Medway Panther Club

B9        Gary Haden                 R2       13.7     Shepway

F10      Tom Phipp                    R1        14.1      Tonbridge & Malling

111       Matt Henderson         R3       14.1      Individual - Thanet

103      Ben Cliffe                   R3       14.1      Individual - Thanet

D9       Tim Gregory               R1        14.2     Canterbury

A10      Alex Caine?                 R1        14.4    

F7        Elliot Huitson              R2       14.4     Tonbridge & Malling

C5        Rebecca Dockwra?     R1        15.1      Dover

C10      Tom Small                   R2       16.2     Dover

E11       Jack McNaught          R2       16.5     Ashford

D10      Martin Richards          R2       17.6     Canterbury

D14      Izac Thorpe                R3       18.2     Canterbury


75m Hurdles Boys

F9        Grant King                   R2       13.2     Tonbridge & Malling

A12      Dan Heath                   R1        14.3     Medway Panther Club

B10      Dwight Ash                 R2       14.4     Shepway

D8       Antony Searle R1        14.5     Canterbury

D11      Robert Gisby              R2       14.5     Canterbury

106      Ryan Worsley             R1        15.0     Individual - Maidstone

C7        George Phillips            R1        16.0     Dover

A11      Craig Millgate             R2       16.0     Medway Panther Club

B5        Gary Hayden?             R3       16.2     Shepway

F11       Mark Hooker              R3       16.3     Tonbridge & Malling

E12      Jamie Murray             R2       16.4     Ashford

107      Stephen Foster          R3       16.5     Individual - Maidstone

C9        Joe Healey                 R3       17.8     Dover

E8        Robert Duncan            R1        19.2     Ashford

800m Boys

B7        Tom Wood                   R1        2-23.4 Shepway

A8       Sam Barton                 R1        2-24.3 Medway Panther Club

B11       Jack Green                 R2       2-29.9 Shepway

E9        Robert Potter R1        2-32.9 Ashford

A9       Joe Green                   R2       2-34.8 Medway Panther Club

102      Alec Kotakis                R1        2-36.9 Individual - Thanet

C8        Jordan Wing               R1        2-43.5 Dover

101       Tom Holmes                R2       2-47.5 Individual - Thanet

106      Ryan Worsley             R1        2-51.3 Individual - Maidstone

F8        Daniel Mason               R2       2-54.6 Tonbridge & Malling

C9        Joe Healey                 R2       2-57.2 Dover

D12      Kale Crane                  R1        2-58.5 Canterbury

F12      James Hargreaves     R1        3-14.7 Tonbridge & Malling

Boys Vertical Jump

B8        Alex Malcolm                          65cm   Shepway

F11       Mark Hooker                          52cm   Tonbridge & Malling

B11       Jack Green                             51cm    Shepway

E10      Jonathan Button                     50cm   Ashford

F12      James Hargreaves                 50cm   T&M

C8        Jordan Wing                           49cm   Dover

D7       David Hanagan                        49cm   Canterbury

E11       Jack McNaught                      47cm   Ashford

C6        Jessica Stevens                     45cm   Dover

A12      Dan Heath                               43cm   Medway

A9       Jo Milliner                              41cm    Medway

D12      Kale Crane                              40cm   Canterbury

Boys Triple Jump

F9        Grant King                               7m14   Tonbridge & Malling

F8        Daniel Mason                           6m38   Tonbridge & Malling

B10      Dwyte Ash                              6m26   Shepway

D9       Tim Gregory                           6m22   Canterbury

C7        George Phillips                        5m95   Dover

D11      Robert Gisby                          5m75   Canterbury

A11      Craig Milgate                          5m43   Medway

E9        Robert Potter             5m43   Ashford

A10      Alex Caine                               5m42   Medway

C9        Joe Healey                             5m28   Dover

E8        Robert Duncan                        4m97   Ashford

Boys Long Jump

114       Jesse Silvera                         4m69   Thanet Individual

F10      Tom Phipp                                4m46   Tonbridge & Malling

A7       Job Milliner                            4m44   Medway Panther Club

102      Alec Kotakis                            4m18   Thanet Individual

101       Tom Holmes                            4m02   Thanet Individual

B9        Gary Hayden                           3m96   Shepway

F7        Elliot Huitson                          3m90   T&M

A8       Sam Barton                             3m87   Medway

E7        Dwayne Tomlinson                  3m86   Ashford

E12      Jamie Murray                         3m71   Ashford

D8       Antony Searle             3m68   Canterbury

111       Matt Henderson                     3m64   Thanet Individual

C10      Tom Small                               3m62   Dover

D10      Martin Richards                      3m54   Canterbury

107      Stephen Foster                      3m06   Maidstone Individual

C3        Megan Evans                           2m74   Dover

Boys Turbo Javelin

C9        Joe Heeley                             25m     Dover

D9       Tim Gregory                           20m     Canterbury

D8       Anthony Searle                       19m     Canterbury

E10      Jonathan Button                     18m     Ashford

F11       Mark Hooker                          16m     T&M

A9       Joe Green                               15m     Medway

E8        Robert Duncan                        14m     Ashford

F10      Tom Phipp                                14m     T&M

A8       Sam Barton                             13m     Medway

B7        Tom Wood                               12m     Shepway

C1        Laura Wilson                           11m      Dover

Boys Discus

F9        Grant King                               21m49 Tonbridge & Malling

E7        Dwayne Tomlinson                  18m00 Ashford

D11      Robert Gisby                          16m76 Canterbury

C7        George Phillips                        16m43 Dover

B10      Dwyte Ash                              15m15  Shepway

D10      Martin Richards                      13m45 Canterbury

B2        Rachael Llewelyn                    13m19  Shepway

E9        Robert Potter             12m63 Ashford

F12      James Hargreaves                 11m02  T&M

C3        Megan Evans                           10m83 Dover

A10      Alex Caine                               10m29 Medway

Boys Shot

B8        Alex Malcolm                          13m25 Shepway

A7       Job Milliner                            11m96  Medway Panther Club

E11       Jack McNaught                      7m79   Ashford

F8        Daniel Mason                           7m06   T&M

B11       Jack Green                             7m01   Shepway

C8        Jordan Wing                           6m45   Dover

C10      Tom Small                               5m87   Dover

D7       David Hanagan                        5m74   Canterbury

D12      Kale Crane                              5m68   Canterbury

A11      Craig Millgate                         5m58   Medway

E12      Jamie Murray                         5m52   Ashford

F7        Elliott Huitson             4m88   T&M

4x100m Boys

B                                                          53.9     Shepway

A                                                         55.0     Medway Panther Club

F                                                          56.1     Tonbridge & Malling

C                                                          63.9     Dover

E                                                          64.1     Ashford / T&M?

E                                                          65.5     Ashford / T&M?

100m,100m,200m,200m Medley (Boys & Girls)

D                                                         87.4     Canterbury

A                                                         88.2     Medway Panther Club

N/S                                                     91.1      Individuals Team

B                                                          94.8     Shepway

E                                                          95.3     Ashford

F                                                          97.5     Tonbridge & Malling

E                                                          98.5     Ashford

C                                                          1-45.5 Dover

Team Result

1         Medway Panther Club                 43

2=      Shepway                                    41

2=      Tonbridge & Malling                   41

4        Ashford                                     39

5        Dover                                         35

6        Canterbury                                 32


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