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Athletics is a sport which has grown tremendously in numbers and success since 2012; and, this is owed to its number of volunteers. Being a volunteer-led and run sport, athletics relies upon and needs volunteers and club members to support the organisation of athletics events so that they continue and the 2012 legacy is upheld.


Here in Kent, our volunteers provide the foundation to an athlete's journey. Our volunteers are rooted within the club networks we support and encourage. Our volunteers are also offered valuable training and developing on behalf of England Athletics, making our volunteers highly valued and fulfilled. These volunteers are needed to run our Athletics Council and Committee, to offer the voice and opinions of our athletes to the KCAA, organise our athletes' events and district and league meetings, promote our sport and, most importantly, help put into place the provisions needed to fuel our country's success through Kent-based competitors.


Following the success that was 2012, Athletics has developed in popularity and the more athletics we have, the more volunteers we need. Volunteers are the reasons why our athletes do so well. Without volunteers, our athletes can't compete.


Please can you help us?

For general enquiries email volunteers@kcaa.org.uk



Supportive and encouraging coaches are volunteers who can make an athlete's career.


So what do you need to do to become a qualified coach?


Firstly, an interest in athletics is necessary and following that, coaching becomes a rewarding experience. You do need to attend a course and many clubs will pay for that; or Kent & Medway Athletics Network can offer bursaries. In return, we ask you to help your club and athletes progress and go forward. You do need an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check but if you do this through the club there is no charge.


Both the Kent & Medway Athletics Network and the London Athletics Network offer an ongoing programme of development workshops and events for coaches; which are free to affiliated clubs.


For more information contact: coaching@kcaa.org.uk



Like coaches, becoming an official is rewarding and very much a position of responsibility.


So what do you need to do to become a qualified official?


You need to be interested and you do need to attend a course based on your chosen sport but some clubs are prepared to pay for that as well as assist with the essential items you may need. The only thing that you need to do is be able to give up some time to help the club go forward. Yes you do need to do an enhanced DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check which is organised by UKA as part of the course enrolment & attendance process, for which there is no charge.


We need qualified endurance officials, field officials, track officials, photofinish officials, timekeepers, starters or marksman. Depending on demand the County Officials Secretary arranges one day official courses in conjunction with England Athletics.


You may want to find out more about setting up EDM (Electronic Distance Measuring) equipment and how to use it. (It is not as difficult as it sounds once you are shown.) This is for measuring long throws which saves a lot of time compared to using a tape measure and spike or Photofinish & False Start Equipment. Depending on demand the County Officials Secretary can arrange this.


The County Officials Secretary runs taster events, development opportunities & offers guidance on progressing as an official, but a key area here is aiming to officiate at county meetings where you can work with experienced officials who can mentor you.


For more information contact: officials@kcaa.org.uk


Council & Committees


How you can really help us ...


Those with a keen interest in how athletics is governed are urged to run, support and drive our committees.


KCAA is governed by the Council, which is elected at the AGM by clubs. It provides a voice, skills training and huge variety of experience. Currently, the Council meets once a year but receives all other committee papers, so can see what is planned and expresses its views throughout the year.


The Council appoints several committees; the main one being the Executive committee, which has the role of managing KCAA on a day by day basis and meets 6 times per year. This committee has members who serve on most of the other committees so there is an ongoing link.


The “committee” is made up of people with an interest is Cross Country, Road Running, Sportshall, Track & Field and Walking. Volunteers with keen interests in these sports and wanting to support their competition are those encouraged to participate. 

In the case of the Medals & Trophies and the Team Management & Selection committees manage the distribution (and return in the case of trophies) of medals & trophies at our championships. Team Management seeks to have both a male & female “Team Manager” to travel with Kent athletes when they go to a Regional or National meetings to represent a county, ensure they make the right race in a county vest & wearing the correct bib number!


For more information contact: secretary@kcaa.org.uk or chairman@kcaa.org.uk



How you can really help us ...


There are four different areas where we need more volunteers. So, whatever is your skills set, your volunteering can help us.

These are:

  • Preparation of entry forms, publications on KCAA websites and administrative tasks for the successful running of each League or Championship meeting;

  • Processing entries - mostly made online, liaising with Track and Field officials to prepare and publish timetables, registration, timekeeping, photo finishing and all those needed for successful athletics meetings.

  • Being an organised and helpful point of contact, a useful messenger, a reliable source of information - a really, really valuable member of the staffing to help athletes and officials alike on race day.

  • Results publisher for KCAA and Power of 10.

The more volunteers we have, the more we can distribute thee roles and the better they can be managed.


For more information contact: secretary@kcaa.org.uk


Above all, volunteering to support athletics is not only very rewarding but a lot of fun. Whichever aspect interests you, be sure to know that you're playing a huge part in the success of athletics and athletes in the county and the country. There is a volunteer position for everyone so please do contact us!


Thank you.


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