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Kent County Sportshall Athletics 2023/24

Last amended at 06-06-24

  • 15 October 2023, The Stour Centre Ashford (league meeting) 21-10-23

  • 5 November 2023, The Stour Centre Ashford (league meeting)

  • 10 December 2023, The Stour Centre Ashford (league meeting)

  • 14 January 2024 ( U11 Decathlon and County Champs), The Stour Centre Ashford

  • 18 February 2024 Regional Final Burgess Hill 4-06-24

  • 6 April 2024 UK final Stoke.

18 February 2024 Regional Final Burgess Hill

The Sportshall Regional Finals were held at Burgess Hill and the 18th February and there were some excellent results with the under 13 boys achieving their best result in many years by coming equal 1st in the team event and the U13 girls wining theirs. Both teams are going to the UK final on the 6th April in Stoke. (Report to follow)

In the U15 boys All–Rounder team all but one were in their first year as an U15.. William Hirst (Paddock Wood AC) in his last Sportshall meeting jumped 7.14m in the St Triple Jump, 81 in his Speed Bounce and ran 51.2s in his 4 lap race. The only medal winner was Thomas Webb (Folkestone R & AC) who claimed a Silver in his Shot Putt 11.27m. Thomas also did the St Long Jump 2.41m and the 4 lap 51.00s.Alfie Walch (Swale Combined) jumped 78 in his Speed Bounce and ran the 2 lap race 23.9s. Isaac Wood (Ashford AC) also ran the 2 lap race 23.9s, jumped 2.50m in the St Long Jump and competed in the Shot 9.22m. Jake Conyers (White Cliffs R&AC} ran the 4 lap race 52.2s jumped 83 in the Speed Bounce and jumped 2.13m in the St long Jump. Nathan Hill (Folkestone R & AC) stepped up at the last minute when one of the team was injured in a skiing trip. He ran the 2 lap 23.9s, jumped 6.78m in the St Triple jump. Walch, Wood, Hirst and Conyers ran the 4x 2 lap relay. Hill and Web ran the 6 Lap Paarlauf. In the all-rounder competition Thomas came 11th, William Hirst 23rd, Isaac Wood 29th and Alfie and Jake tied in 39th place. Nathan was 35th.

It was the same with the U15 girls All-rounder team with a lot in their first year in this age group. Lily Rockall (Folkestone R & AC) won a medal in her St long jump 2.31m, she just missed out on a medal in her 2 lap race coming 4th 24.9s. Oceane Argiver (Swale Combined) finished in 4th place in her speed bounce with 82 bounces. She also competed in the 2 lap race and the St Long jump. Abigail Smith (Folkestone RC and AC) Did 81 bounces in her speed bounce ad jumped 41cm in the vertical jump. Laila Humphreys (Invicta East Kent) was 5th in the shot 8.25m ran the 4lap race and did the St long jump 2.01m. Pixie Davis (Medway & Maidstone) also did the shot 6.56m, the 4 lap and vertical jump. Beth Clayton (Invicta East Kent) did 73 bounces in the speed bounce, the vertical jump 46cm and the 4 lap. Mia Pearson (Ashford AC) made up the 4x2 lap relay and did the non-scoring St Long jump 2.19m.In the all-rounder competition Lily Rockall came 11th out of 44 competitors. Oceane 28th and Laila came 29th. Pixie was 36th and Abigail 38th Beth 39th.

Janet and Elizabeth, Team Managers

For more details go to https://www.sportshall.org/  

15 October 2023, The Stour Centre Ashford (league meeting)

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