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Results for 2022

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Results for December 2022

Southern Intercounties, Horspath, Oxford - 10 December 2022

Lots of runners dropping out with illness and injury leading up to the race (18 in the 2 weeks leading up to the Race) was always going to make matching last years performance, where we had 2 team wins (U15G and SW) and an individual win by Holly Dixon in the Senior Womens race, a tough ask.

This year our Team performances across the board were only very slightly down but we still managed match last year with 5 Teams making top 3 Teams and had 8 individuals make top 10, again close to the 10 we had last year. By my calculation we still came out 2nd overall Team this year, behind Surrey.

Runners had to negotiate a difficult course with a very narrow start and narrow sections in the woods making passing difficult as well as the frozen rutted ground conditions.

Well done to all that competed, especially those competing for Kent for the first time. And a thanks to all the Selectors and Team Managers who give up their time for the Sport.

In the next week or do I will be issue the selection criteria for the National Intercounties, held on March 12th back at Loughborough again.

Darrell Smith
Kent Junior Team Manager


Kent Veterans Cross Country Championship, Dartford, 3 December 2022

M40 results

M50 results

M60 results

M70 results

W35 results

W45 results

W55 results

W65 results


Results for September 2022

U15/U17 Inter County Match, Horspath, Oxford - 10 September 2022

Some great performances transferred into a successful day for Kent, confirming our position as one of the strongest Counties in the South East.

Our U15s Boys and Girls were both 2nd in their categories, the Girls behind Surrey and the Boys behind Essex. Although its not scored in that way, we can say we won the U15s if you put all the scores together.

In the U17s, our Women were 3rd and our Men were winners.

Compiling all these results across all the age Groups I have us as second Team on the day behind Essex.

In the U15B there were individual wins and pbs for Samuel Scrase-Field in the 1500m (4.16.18), Hans Nmaju in the Long Jump (6m 06 cm) and Sonny Hatch in the Shot (14m 42cm). And in the U15G Isabella Amartey scored twice with double wins in the long Jump (5m40cm) and Triple Jump (10m 76cm). Finally,* in the U17M, Cheyne West won the 400m Hurdles in 57.56.

Well done to all Athletes, Coaches and Parents involved. And thanks from me to Brian Charlton who assisted me on the day and for all the stuff he does behind the scenes.

Darrell Smith
Team Manager

* I have not be able to view the U17M Field event Results so cannot report on them.


KCAA Veterans/Masters Championships - Erith Stadium, Erith 17-18 September 2022

Full results


Kent Combined Events Championships Erith Stadium, Erith 17-18 September 2022

Full results


Kent County Under 13s Championships, Erith Stadium, Erith 17-18 September 2022

Full results


KCAA Relay Championships - Medway Park, Gillingham 11 September 2022

Full results


KCAA Veterans/Masters Championships - Medway Park, Gillingham 11 September 2022

Full results


Results for August 2022

KCAA Under 13ís Combined Events Championships & Open at Tonbridge, 29 August 2022

Full results


Kent Young Athletes meeting 6 August 2022 at Tonbridge

Final League positions

Division 1

Division 2

Results for June 2022

KCAA 3K & 10K Kent Championships 29 June 2022 at Dartford

KCAA 3000m Heat: 1 of 1   Official result  
Rank ID Name    Team    Cat Gender Result
1 18 Jake Greenwood   CPA  U17 M 9:44.81
2 12 Megan Marchant   Cambridge H   SW F 9:57.37
3 8 Morgan Squibb    B & B   U20 F 10:22.62
4 6 Hannah Clark  B & B   U20 F 10:28.95
5 14 Hannah Roberts   Dartford H AC    SW F 10:30.13
6 5 Eliza Nicholson  Sevenoaks  U17 F 10:31.90
7 15 Clare Elms    Kent AC    SW F 10:34.68
8 3 Abigail Royden   M & M   U17 F 10:37.94
9 1 Carys Firth   B & B   U17 F 10:54.82
10 7 Ella Webb  M & M   U20 F 11:12.46
11 10 Gemma Collins    Ashford & D   SW F 11:19.91
12 28 Julie Backley    Cambridge H   V50 F 11:35.71
13 2 Millie Dack   M & M   U17 F 11:40.96
14 9 Chloe Hammond    M & M   SW F 11:51.91
15 13 Anna Cleary   Istead & Ifield  SW F 13:18.47
16 19 Peter Hamilton   B & B   V70 M 14:20.90
KCAA 10,000m Heat: 1 of 1   Official result  
Rank ID Name    Team    Cat Gender Result
1 35 Joshua Teece  CPA  V35 M 33:06.53
2 40 Anthony Webb  M & M   V40 M 33:13.90
3 32 Mouctar Barry CPA  U20 M 34:00.58
4 38 Mark Wilkins  M & M   V40 M 34:47.44
5 41 Neill Wright  M & M   V40 M 35:54.30
6 48 Roger Beswick    B & B   V60 M 36:35.33
7 39 Gregory Firth    B & B   V40 M 36:50.02
8 33 Angus Sharp   Dartford H AC    SM M 37:08.68
9 45 Alun Rodgers  M & M   V50 M 38:11.56
10 34 Paul Crisp    Ashford & D   V35 M 38:15.87
11 30 Jack Hodges   Ashford & D   U20 M 38:19.25
12 44 Christian Poulton   Cambridge H   V50 M 39:05.53
13 46 Graeme Saker  Tonbridge A C    V60 M 39:27.55
14 31 Kieran Hodges    Ashford & D   U20 M 39:33.83
15 43 Paul Moses    Ashford & D   V50 M 39:39.84
16 25 Taryne McPherson    M & M   V40 F 41:21.88
17 49 Ian Stokes    Canterbury H  V60 M 41:42.63
18 42 Bob Fursey    M & M   V50 M 42:41.36
19 22 Kate Woodbridge  Ashford A C SW F 43:19.51
20 24 Clare Norris  Dulwich Runners  V40 F 43:30.91
21 47 Martin Hawkins   Cambridge H   V60 M 44:31.23
22 20 Alice Cook    Ashford & D   SW F 46:04.22
23 29 Christine Costiff   Ashford & D   V60 F 47:08.63
24 27 Tracey Calnan    Ashford & D   V50 F 47:25.37
  21 Emily Hale    M & M   SW F DNF
  23 Ailis Goddard    Ashford & D   V35 F DNF


Kent Young Athletes meeting 25 June 2022 at Erith

Division 1

Division 2

Current League positions


Kent Young Athletes meeting 5 June 2022 at Tonbridge

Division 1

Division 2

Results for May 2022

Kent County Championship 14 & 15 May 2022 at Medway Park

Sunday Results

Saturday Results

Souvenir Championship Programme

Lots of photos on the Kent Messenger site (part of iliffemedia)

Results for April 2022

Kent Young Athletes meeting 30 April 2022 at Erith

Division 1

Division 2

Results for March 2022

Kent Indoor Championships - Lee Valley Indoor Athletics Centre 19/20 March 2022


Full Results

Results for January 2022

Kent County AA C-C Championships, Brands Hatch on 8 January 2022

Full Results

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