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Race Walking Report - March 2011

The final National Junior Grand Prix results for 2010 confirms the fifth consecutive victory for Tonbridge Athletic Club with Ashford taking fourth place, Medway and Maidstone taking tenth place and Cambridge where Eleventh. A good record for the county with four clubs in the top eleven out of a total of twenty four teams who competed.

The individual winners included Kelsey Howard, Emily Symons, Ben Parsons and Liam Baldwin, others positioned in the top three where Heather Butcher, Georgia Parsons, Rebecca Roddy, Kate Funnell, Rebecca Collins, Guy Thomas and Jonathan Hobbs.

This year there is a proposal to initiate a Southern Grand Prix to assist athletes and clubs who are now finding national travel difficult and expensive. 2011 will see a pilot scheme and already Kent athletes have performed well.

Kelsey Howard, Heather Butcher and Cameron Curbishley continue to produce some excellent performances, both Helen and Cameron recently broke the course records at the Cambridge Harriers Bexley Road Series event.

This year the inter-counties event has not yet been fixed due to restrictions on availability of the venue at Coventry. Kent is obviously keen to try and retain their overall trophy. There is however a full programme for the Kent junior and senior athletes throughout the summer.

Congratulations to Tom Bosworth on his winning the Courier’s Outstanding Sports Achievement Award and to Noel Carmody for his selection as Deputy Chief Judge at the 2012 Olympics. All the Olympics Walks will be held in the Mall and will be one of the few free events.

It is evident that this section of the website has not been revised for some time but it is now intended to post news as it happens.

Any information concerning race walking in Kent can initially be obtained through your club but Pete Selby who is a UK Level Three Coach will be more that glad to assist. Tel: 01825 764726 or 07721 747 999.

When the weather improves it is intended to arrange a Sunday morning coaching session at Tonbridge for experienced walkers, senior, novice and beginners. All ages catered for. The date will be posted when known.

February and March are busy periods for the race walking squad with particularly important events being held on Sunday 6th February at Victoria Park, London. The event includes the London Open Walk and the Southern Area younger age group Road Championships. Races range from 1K to 10k covering all age groups.

Taking a look back at the last year’s race walking events. Written by Pete Selby, January 2011

2010 was another successful year for the race walkers of Kent with some good results in the early part of the year at both the London Open Championships and the Cambridge Harriers Winter League series.

Significant improved times were recorded by Kelsey Howard, Di Bradley, Kate Funnell, Emily Symons and Stephanie Rukin. Rebecca Collins of Maidstone and Medway made excellent progress stepping up to 20k prior to her departure for Leeds University.

In April 2010 a strong team travelled to Warwick to see Kent retain the overall trophy in the inter-counties competition.

The high light of 2010 was Tom Bosworth’s selection for the England team at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Tom won the National 20k race in London in April, he achieved the qualifying time of sub 89 minutes at Bedford in June.

Tom was not daunted by the heat and the conditions in India and he finished a creditable eleventh, he was the second Englishman home.

Tom is now attending a summer training camp in Canberra, Australia for the next seven weeks along with other members of England Race Walking team including Gold Medallist Joanna Jackson.

The 1200m race in the under 13 – under 15 League Championships were extremely well supported. So much so that at one race, two events had to be held instead of the normal combined one. These events are not only for experienced race walkers but for the new up and coming competitors and novices. This is where many of the top county walkers started their careers.

2010 event saw some excellent finishes by Rebecca Roddy, Guy Thomas, Cameron Curbishley, Georgina Parsons and some particularly fast times by Cambridge Harrier walker Heather Butcher.

There were also some worthy performances in the English Schools Championships with a fine win by Kelsey Howard in the under 17 woman’s 3k race recording a personal best time of 14 minutes, 51 seconds. Again in the unofficial team championship Kent were the overall winners of the inter-county competitions.

Saturday 11th December 2010 Surrey Walking Club Christmas Cup 5K
2. Kelsey Howard Tonbridge AC 27min:17s
3. Kate Funnell Ashford AC 28min:13s
11. Guy Thiomas Tonbridge AC 31min:11s (U15)
14. Steph Rukin Tonbridge AC 32min:19s

Saturday 12th February Cambridge Harriers Winter League at Bexley. Start is 2pm.
U13 and U15 2.5K U17, U20 and Seniors 5k.

Saturday 12th March Cambridge Harriers Winter League at Bexley. Start is 2pm.
U13 and U15 2.5K U17, U20 and Seniors 5k

Saturday 26th March Sussex track Open Meeting. Slater Bryce Memorial Races YAG 1k upwards Broadbridge Heath Horsham Start is 11.00am

Results 2011
Saturday 8th January - Women’s Southern Area Championships. Monks Hill, Croydon.
1. Neringa Aidietyte Ilford AC (Lithunania) 47m:27s
2. Julie Drake Arena80 AC (Brighton) 53m:36s
3. Diana Bradley Tonbridge AC 55m:03s
4. Kelsey Howard Tonbridge AC 56m:37s



Old Kent Race Walking events 2003/4/5/6


Sara-Jane Cattermole raced a 5km at Cambridge in Western Australia on Sunday 20/02/05 and came second in a time of 23.48.0 which is a PB for her. Sara is a member of Dartford Harriers and will be back in England to race the AAA Commonwealth Games Race-Walk trials in August.


Rick Cattermole (Coach/Publicity Officer RWCWA)


Hello everybody in KCCA,

Dartford Harrier race-walker, Sara-Jane Cattermole raced a Scottish Commonwealth games qualifier at Murdoch, Western Australia on 2/1/05 in a time of 1.38.00 flat. This is Sara's 3rd best ever time over 20km's and 5 minutes under the time required of 1.43.00 by Scottish Athletics.

After a couple of years of injuries and other personal set backs, she is back to her best and hopes for more of the same over in Australia where she is warm weather training and competing for a few months.


Rick Cattermole (Coach/Publicity Officer Race Walking Club WA)


Hi Kent Athletics

Just a short email to let you know that Dartford Harrier Walker, Sara-Jane  Cattermole competed in the Telstra Australian National Race-Walk Championships in Canberra (ACT) on the 28th August.

Against the advice of her physio, and with a hamstring level 3 tear in her right leg, she hobbled home in 3rd place to gain a bronze medal. The awards were presented by former Champion Australian Walker and World record holder, Kerry Junna-Saxby who complemented Sara on her gutsy performance.

Sara-Jane will be resting up now until her injury is 100% better, and then will be concentrating on getting her times down for selection in the GB team to contest the European Cup in Hungary next year.


Rick Cattermole


Dartford Harrier, Sara-Jane Cattermole came 1st in the Great Scottish Walk in Edinburgh on Sunday 20th June.

With over 7000 serious and fun walkers and over a very hard 13 mile course, Sara managed to just get over the line in front Scottish walker Colin Scott.

The time of 1.57.58'ish would have been better if she had not taken several wrong turns on the testing circuit, but with driving rain she managed to hold off Scott and take the Gold medal in a race for Charity.


Rick Cattermole



just to let you know that Sara-Jane Cattermole of Dartford Harriers race-walked on road, a 20km race at Murdoch Western Australia today 4/4/04, in a WA Inter-club Athletica sanctioned competition, and came 1st with a time of 1.44.15.


Rick Cattermole (Coach/Publicity Officer Race-Walking Club of WA)



just a line to let you know that a Dartford Harrier is currently in Perth, Western Australia for some warm weather training and competition. Commonwealth Games, Scottish Walker Sara-Jane Cattermole recently raced an old fashioned mile in Coker Park,Western Australia and achieved a Scottish Best time of 7.18.04 and also places her 3rd on the UK All Time List. Thought you could be interested in this bit of news as we swelter in above 30c....


Rick Cattermole (Publicity Officer Race-Walking Club of WA/Coach)


Contact Noel Carmody for race details on 0208 301 2334



The following Kent Race Walkers competed in the Metropolitan Police Open 10k Road Walk @ Imber Court on Sunday 11th January 2004.

Men 6th - Andrew Goudie (Belgrave Harriers) 46:26
10th - Noel Carmody (Cambridge Harriers) 51:52
14th - Jack Tomlin (U17) (Dartford Harriers) 53:51
31st - Richard Harris (U20) (Dartford Harriers) 62:59

Women 4th - Sarah Foster (U17) (Dartford Harriers) 55:55
7th - Emily Bosworth (U20) (Tonbridge AC) 66:08
8th - Liz Harris (Dartford Harriers) 71:34

C.A.U. Inter Counties Race Walking Championships Leamington Spa - Saturday 15th March 2003

Senior Men's 10km
6th Andrew Goudie, Belgrave Harriers 46:51
13th Christopher Hobbs, Medway & Maidstone AC 53:18
27th Stephen Holliday, Medway & Maidstone AC 63:14
Noel Carmody, Cambridge Harriers DNF

Senior Ladies 5km
8th Liz Harris, Dartford Harriers AC 33:36
Kirrie Wallace, Tonbridge Athletic Club DNF

Under 17 Men's 10km
3rd Richard Harris, Dartford Harriers AC 63:11

Under 20 Ladies 5km
5th Natasha Fox, Dartford Harriers AC 29:41

Under 17 Ladies 5km
2nd Carley Tomlin, Dartford Harriers AC 28:34

Under 15 Boys 2km
2nd Jack Tomlin, Dartford Harriers AC 9:34
6th Thomas Bosworth, Tonbridge Athletic Club 11:43

Under 15 Girls 2km
3rd Sarah Foster, Dartford Harriers AC 10:36

Under 13 Girls 2km
6th Julia Stacey, Blackheath & Bromley Hs 12:16
9th Victoria Curtis, Dartford Harriers AC 12:44

Kent County AA Road Race Walking Championships Bexley - Saturday 8th March 2003

Senior Men's 10km
1st Andrew Goudie, Belgrave Harriers 47:18
2nd Stephen Holliday, Medway & Maidstone AC 62:55

Veteran Men's 10km
1st Stephen Holliday, Medway & Maidstone AC 62:55

Senior Ladies 5km
1st Lesley Ralph, Tonbridge Athletic Club 29:11
2nd Kirrie Wallace, Tonbridge Athletic Club 29:14
3rd Natasha Fox, Dartford Harriers AC 30:24

Veteran Ladies 10km
1st Lesley Ralph, Tonbridge Athletic Club 29:11

Under 17 Men's 5km
1st Richard Harris, Dartford Harriers AC 29:00

Under 17 Ladies 5km
1st Carley Tomlin, Dartford Harriers AC 28:18
2nd Emily Bosworth, Tonbridge Athletic Club 30:52

Under 15 Boys 2.5km
1st Jack Tomlin, Dartford Harriers AC 12:43
2nd Thomas Bosworth, Tonbridge Athletic Club 16:42

Under 15 Girls 2.5km
1st Sarah Foster, Dartford Harriers AC 14:21
2nd Emma Green, Dartford Harriers AC 18:41

Under 13 Boys 2.5km
1st Jacob Harper, Seal School 20:44

Under 13 Girls 2.5km
1st Julia Stacey, Blackheath & Bromley Hs 16:07
2nd Victoria Curtis, Dartford Harriers AC 16:47


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